Thinking of investing in a gunite pool? If yes, bravo on making this great step in ultimate summertime fun! When designing and constructing a gunite pool, you have some decisions to make with regards to function and style. Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast is here with more information on gunite pool finishes to consider for your inground pool.

Gunite Pool finishes

Gunite pool finishes can make a significant difference for the style and look of your backyard oasis. These coatings are the best solution for not just keeping the swimming pool durable and clean but also ensuring it looks great. Some of the benefits include increasing the pool’s usability, helping keep it clean, and improving the aesthetics of your pool.

There are various types of materials used for gunite pool finishes, such as,

Glass beading

These create a glimmering, shiny look for your pool. They are also a relatively latest addition to the pool finishes field.  Glass beading features are available in an array of colors, create a seamless look, and together with quartz, are matchless with regards to stylishness.

Gunite pool finishes: Plaster

This is the most popular pool finish for gunite pools. Plaster is a mixture of marble aggregate, cement, and water. It is most often used as a finish with a normal white color. But you can also find tinted plasters if you want to give your swimming pool a unique look. Plaster is very common because of its affordable nature.

Gunite Pool finishes


One benefits of tile is that it can last for longer than other types of finishes. Tile takes quite some time to install; however, you will be glad that you had the patience once you see the amount of wear and tear these pool finishes can withstand. They are available in diamond patterning, classic Greek, plain and even a variety of mosaic patterning. They will offer a unique look to each choice of finish.

Aggregate pool finishes

Nowadays, modern pools use these finishes a lot instead of pool plaster since it usually looks great and it’s long-lasting. Aggregate pool finishes have small stones and pebbles to provide the finish with a more rustic or natural appearance. Picture stepping into a swimming pool, which feels and looks like you’re are stepping into a natural river or spring.


This is one of, if not the most, costly pool finish, but for a valid reason: it feels and looks amazing. Quartz’s texture is silky smooth, and when it captures the light, this light makes the pool’s bottom reflective. The material will immediately turn your backyard oasis into a gem.

Gunite Pool finishes

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Deciding on the right gunite pool finish will mean analyzing just what look you’re seeking to get. Are you looking for something that will stand the last for a very long time, while looking beautiful? Or do you just want something functional, which will suit your needs without lots of appeal? Whatever you choose, consider the above gunite pool finishes and create your perfect dream pool.

Do you have any questions about pool finishes or want a free estimate? Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast today!

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