When you’re thinking about having pools with raised spas in Redding, there are several options to consider. Nowadays, it’s almost given that you will have a spa in your backyard oasis. In addition to your spa’s shape, there’s elevation; the height where it’s installed. Most spas are constructed level with the adjacent swimming pool. From a budget viewpoint, this strategy is often the best choice. Even when adjacent with your pool, this feature will make an impact and effectively accent the entire poolscape.

pools with raised spas

But for a bolder look, you can add more drama by increasing the spa height. Raising the spa so that it is set higher than your pool adds more beauty to your backyard. It will also open up lots of different design options. Pools with raised spas are always a head turner!

Here’s some information you should know about pools with raised spas:

When building a raised spa, the most popular approach is to construct the spa at least 6-inches above your pool.

But sometimes, especially if the structure sits on higher ground, the elevation might be just several inches. In spite of this small elevation, your spa will stand out, especially with a coping material, which contrasts with the surrounding deck.

pools with raised spas

You will find that some spas are extra high to blend with raised walls (referred to as raised bond beams) along a pool’s side. They create possibilities for additional water features. In addition, a spa can feature a decorative wall of its own that includes a cascade water feature.

Benefits of pools with raised spas

Pools with raised spas are amazing for a lot of reasons. Not only are the spas therapeutic and relaxing, spas, but they are also good for social activities and children love them as well.

Spas are available in all sizes and shapes and are custom-built to your specific needs. We, at Premier Pools & Spas of Redding, can build you a custom spa outside or inside of your backyard pool. Lighting water features, custom seating are some of the wonderful features provided in a custom spa build.

When constructing a concrete (gunite) pool and spa, your choices for both pool & spa are virtually limitless. Together with a range of common designs, your pool contractor can build a custom design to suit your imagination and preferences.

pools with raised spas

Pool With Raised Spas – Hire Premier Pools & Spas

If you want a pool, spa or a unique water feature for your property in Redding, we can provide you with design ideas that will breathe life into your backyard space. Premier Pools, your Redding pool builders has the commitment and ability to take your outdoor space from a dream to reality. It all begins during the design process! With the capability to design your pool, spa or an entire landscape, we can ensure functionality and aesthetics. Since we’re a licensed pool contractor in Redding, CA, we know how the whole process will fit together from start to end. Feel free to contact us today!

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