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Must-See Pensacola Landscaping Concepts!

When a lot of people think about landscaping they think of nearly manicured lawns and perfectly trimmed hedges. While these can be signs of a home that is well kept; landscaping can and should be far more than that (especially in areas like Pensacola). Here are a few ways, that you can add a little landscaping uniqueness to your backyard in Pensacola.

Pensacola Landscaping Ideas – Don’t Be Afraid To Let Things Get Wet

Pensacola Water is one of the simplest and most straightforward landscaping features to implement; however, it is also one that is most often overlooked by homeowners in Pensacola. The reason for this probably has a lot to do with Pensacola’s numerous beaches and rivers. Water features are a great addition to any yard, the trick is knowing how to incorporate them without having them overpower and overshadow the rest of your landscape. Fountains are the main culprit when it comes to overshadowing other features of your home. If you want to place a larger fountain on your property then try to have other “strong” décor pieces close enough to it. Seating arrangements are perfect examples of décor pieces that work well with fountains. Subtle waterfalls are much easier to incorporate into your home’s landscape. A small tricking waterfall can be the perfect addition to your backyard garden; providing a sense of motion and tranquility.

Pensacola Landscaping Ideas – Using Stones Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

When it comes to landscaping, stone is oftentimes one of the last things that homeowners focus on when designing their yards – it just isn’t seen as that big of a deal. Pensacola In direct contrast to paving over the majority of your backyard with concrete or large pavers; using stone accents on pathways allows your backyard to maintain a more natural feel while still giving it some sense of order.

Pensacola Landscaping Ideas – Don’t Be Afraid To Add Some More Color

One fear that many homeowners in Pensacola have is that they could possibly make their home – especially their backyard – look too “tacky”. Most times this fear comes from the fact that they don’t want to make use of more colorful décor pieces. This fear is what has led to the overabundance of wooden brown landscapes and slate grey backyards. While many of these almost mono colored design choice can be made to look stunning and beautiful, they are not the only means of doing so. Pensacola Warmer areas like Pensacola are the perfect candidates for more colorful backyards – so how can you make it work without making your home look like a tacky clown house? The general rule of thumb for decorating that many DIY homeowners use is to make sure that anything that you place in your backyard complements at least two other things – especially if it contrasts with another. This is a simple rule that allows you to give your backyard a more natural feel while still maintaining some order and structure with your color choices.

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Modesto Black Friday Sale

Save thousands on your new swimming pool, this is your last chance!

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Craziest Rooftop Pools

Some of The Most Craziest Rooftop Pools You’ve Ever Seen

Pools around the world, built in backyards, hotels, amusement parks, get away trips and now on rooftops! These are some of the craziest rooftop pools out in the world. With crazy views, rooftop pools are the next big thing. Everyone enjoys them and it’s the perfect spot for a vacation. 
  1. This first rooftop is located in Singapore. This rooftop pool is on top of a building 57 stories high, where you get to overlook the amazing city landscape.
  2. 76 floors up and the record for highest pool on a rooftop, is a rooftop pool located in Hong Kong. Another place where you get to view huge skyscrapers while swimming around.
  3. This rooftop pool is located at the Hotel Gansevoort in New York City, this hotel’s 45 foot long pool is heated and plays music underwater.
  4. The most spectacular rooftop pool with panoramic views in Barcelona, a heated pool for a stress free environment for their guests.
  5. Last but not least, the rooftop pool located at the joule hotel in Dallas, Texas is 8 feet above sea level and out stretches beyond the rooftop.
Other crazy swimming pool related blogs we have is the “Hidden Pool”, if you have a sense of adventure, and you’re up for a challenge you should most definitely read about the hidden pool. The adventure leads you to the Mojave Desert and is a timed event to find the famous hidden pool. Want Your Own Rooftop Pool?

6 Common Pool Care Mistakes to Avoid

If you are thinking about providing your own maintenance for your at-home swimming pool, it is essential to understand what you are doing. It is no surprise that all through your ownership you will make certain pool mistakes when looking after your pool. Everybody does, and it is often not big enough to turn into a huge concern. Your two options are to: A) get a pool maintenance company to provide services or B) do it yourself because without pool care, serious issues could arise. Pools do not simply take care of themselves, we’re working on that though! Ask us about automatic pool cleaning tools! pool care

Below are some common Pool Care Mistakes:

1. Using algaecide incorrectly

Algaecide helps with preventing algae spores from causing a mess in your pool; however, it is essential to balance the usage of algaecide with the rest of caring for your pool. Algaecide can decrease chlorine levels in your pool upon use, meaning that you will normally have to use higher chlorine levels chlorine in your pool water when using an algaecide. You must also remember to carefully follow manufacturer’s directions, keeping the pool pump on to ensure that the algaecide is distributed equally.

2. Adding chemicals at the wrong time

There is a sequence to things in your pool. The level of PH is balanced, evaluation of calcium hardness, and maintenance of chlorine levels. But you need to ensure that you do not add chemicals to your pool at the wrong time. This wrong action will obstruct the effectiveness of carefully formulated pool chemicals. Putting lots of chemicals into the pool right before a special event, for instance, will simply lead to trouble, burning the skin and eyes of your guests. pool care

3. Water levels

The consequences of pool overfilling are severe. In case you overfill the pool, your deck is soaked and backwash will pull dirt and trash back into the pool. Low levels of water, on the contrary, concentrate the chemical effects and result in problems for pool skimmers, issues that may damage the pump. Maintain the level of water in relation to skimmer level, rainfall, swimmer load, and the impact of evaporation swimmer.

4. Not Running Your Pump

Your pool pump keeps the water clean by moving it through the filtration system. While most families try to make savings on electricity by reducing usage of their pool pump, this may end up affecting the quality of the water and encouraging the growth of algae. Many pool services strongly recommend running your pool pump for 7 to 8 hours daily during high summer temperatures. If you have had an issue with algae and are trying to remove it, you may have to run your pool pump around the clock until your water clears.

pool care

5. Not monitoring pH

Along with following correct maintenance guidelines from all of your pool care manufacturers’ labels, it is essential to use special pH color strips to monitor the pH levels of your pool water. It requires only a few minutes and can alert you when your water is too basic or acidic, both of which can result in major pool damage in the long run.

6. Not brushing the pool

While there are specific components of pool care, which need serious attention and strict maintenance, professionals say that owners tend to ignore one of the easiest procedures: brushing hard to reach some parts of the swimming area itself. Running a cleaner along the bottom of the pool can eliminate dirt; however, many overlook scrubbing some spots that get overlooked. Usually, owners must pay special focus on spots around the steps into the pool or behind the ladders. In addition, where the water line reaches around the pool’s edge of the can accumulates some grime, so you must be aware of that area also. Do you want to find out more about pool care? Call us for personalized tips and pool maintenance services done by our experts.

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Pool Safety for your Pets and Wildlife

Backyard swimming pools are an endless way to get amusement, fun, and laughter for the entire family which includes pets. If you are a pet owner and you are considering installing a swimming pool or has one installed, this post has some safety tips on keeping your whole family and even wild animals safe. safety Most pets are fascinated by swimming pools. Dogs that like to retrieve exciting buoyant objects as well as cats that love to sneak a quick drink while their owner is not close by. So, what can you do to ensure the safety of your pet? Supervise! Nothing takes the place of the safety of an adult’s watchful eyes.

Below are some cool pool safety tips for your family and pet:

1. Securely fenced area

While most pool fencing requirements are governed by regulations, it is recommended that you inspect if your fencing is pet proof. safety

 2. Cover any gaps

If you are introducing a new pet, puppy or kitten to your backyard, ensure they cannot squeeze between any spaces or gaps. It is best if you use Perspex, rigid plastic or glass to cover the bottom part of the pool fence.
  • Inspect frequently around the pool for holes and tunnels that your pet might have dug and have them covered.
  • Do not leave tables or chairs close to the pool, which can be used by pets as a launching pad to leap over the fence.
  • Electrical leads and chemicals. Inspect that electrical leads are beyond reach from a chewing pup and all pool chemicals are stashed securely from your pet’s reach.


 3. Pool netting/ cover

A safety cover is one thing that every pet owner must have, particularly if your pool is not separately fenced in. Pool safety covers come in both solid and mesh material. You should not use floating devices or pool toys in the pool, since this might entice your pet to jump in and play when nobody is around.

  4. Stairs and ramps

If you are installing or constructing a new pool, consider a ramp or a set of stairs that will give a non-slip exit for your pet. Pets may be trained to use a set of graduated steps. A pet that is not trained is more likely to head to the nearest edge and attempt to claw their way out, their state of anxiety may quickly result in exhaustion. Therefore, an introduction to an exit point or shallow area is a great idea for pets that love to take a swim Even if your dog is a good swimmer, do not assume that if he/she falls into the pool that they will be alright. They might be unable to climb out and might end up treading water until they are tired.


5. Alarms

This safety tip is available in different styles. Like a unit that may be connected to a pet’s collar. In case the pet infiltrates your pool area and by accident, an alarm sounds at a base station in the house.

 6. Dog Life Vests

In case your pet falls into the pool, the life jacket can prevent your dog from exhausting easily. Additionally, it is a good way for a dog to get some water exercise, without concern for your pet.

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Amazing Accessories for your Maine Hot Tub & Spa

The sole purpose of a hot tub is to sit comfortably and relax in the hot water. However, the entire experience can be improved and made more fun, if there are some accessories included in the hot tub to make things more comfortable and convenient. So, when you are purchasing accessories for your Maine hot tub & spa, it is worth considering the various types and versions of accessories that are available.


4 Accessories for your Maine Hot Tub & Spa

A Drink Caddy

spa caddy For your convenience, there are many fascinating accessories for the hot tub. For instance, you may want to enjoy a beverage while you are resting in the water, but you do not want to hold the glass or cup in your hand. To prevent this, you can purchase a side bar and fit it against the side of your tub. It needs to fit securely, to ensure that there is no spillage. The attractive Spa Caddy  (seen at left) is a safe and handy spa side tray for hot tub users to put smart phones, snacks, beverages. Swings toward and away from spa for easy access. Quickly and easily mounts to virtually any spa with just a screwdriver.  

Rack or Shelf

Capture You may want a rack or a shelf to hold your towel, once more fitted to the side. This will let you grab the towel easily to help you wipe your face more than once. Everything will then be simply at reach.

Suction cups

Most advanced models feature suction cups that can be stuck to the side of the tub. They do not move while being used, and simultaneously you can move them from one side of the hot tub to another. Any type of storage space in the tub may be regarded as a hot tub accessory. You can keep chemicals and other accessories needed for the tub. Maine

Spa pillow

Capture A spa pillow provides a convenient neck rest whilst you soak your entire body in the hot water. You need to keep slanting against the side of the hot tub, and in order to make the experience comfortable for you, simply use another handy accessory such as the spa pillow. These are special pillows that are water resistant since they have a unique lining that helps them to be protected from water.

Oil Absorbers

Hot tub cleaning accessories are also essential and help with the maintenance of the hot tub. If you maintain and clean the hot tub, it will certainly last longer. But there are ways you can avoid the cleaning frequently, by having oil absorbers. This accessory is simple to use and inexpensive. However, it is valuable and useful since it helps you to make the general maintenance easier. Oil absorbers mostly remove certain residues from the water, such as body oil and lotions. This stops these kinds of elements from clogging the water and making it filthy. Maine For more in-depth information on accessories for your Maine hot tub & spa, feel free to contact us, or better still visit our stores and experience our one on one customer care services.

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Top 8 Spa Health Benefits in Santa Clarita

Swimming pools are amazing, we are passionate about them, but we can’t forget about spas in Santa Clarita. From their seemingly perfect temperature on a cold night to their amazing health benefits, spas can be an important part of your pool – as well as a standalone centerpiece in your yard. Maine The majority of people in Santa Clarita nowadays are moving at a fast pace in their day to day life keeping at par with the fast-paced world. This leads to lots of stress, which has an effect on both physically and mentally. Therefore, to keep yourself updated in good shape, you require some sort of body treatment and refreshment, which may help you to avoid the different issues and stress that you encounter because of the enormous work pressure.

Here are spa health benefits in Santa Clarita:

1. Cardio health

Immersing yourself in water up to your neck provides you with a cardiac exercise. The reason being, water puts more pressure on your body that raises your cardiac volume. When you are immersed in water, your heart works harder which in turn helps it stay healthy. Maine

2. Spas help you sleep

Hot water promotes relaxation that helps you sleep. Any time you put your tense body in a tub of hot water; the heat increases the temperature of your body and helps your muscles relax. This will make you worn out and relaxed, helping you sleep better.

3. Alleviates aches and pains

Hot water generally helps to relax your body. It may also alleviate pains and aches linked to athletic injuries such as muscle pulls or even arthritis. If you are aching and no bone is broken, a good dip will most likely help you feel better.

4. Lowers blood pressure

Relaxing in a spa bath can lower your blood pressure. This is good for people who are prone to heart problems or experience hypertension. Obviously, if you are suffering from those diseases you must consult your physician. Hot water in inground spas raises your heart rate while decreasing your blood pressure that helps strengthen our previous fact that it can help your cardio health. Maine

5. Lower stress

When stress is lowered or even eradicated, you might have a more positive state of mind since small things just would not appear to annoy or bother you. Your patience might seem to be longer and you may appear to have a higher tolerance level for specific things.

6. Help to detoxify

Your skin pores are opened up by heat allowing your skin to breathe. By opening the skin pores, you allow the water an opportunity to work its way in there and remove the various toxins and dirt from your skin. The cleansing process can make you feel better as well.

7. Improve confidence and self-esteem

When you feel great, your thoughts are good. When you enter an inground spa feeling poorly, the spa can turn that all around, it will make you feel better about yourself and when you feel great, your confidence increases. A good spa dip before a big event in Santa Clarita will help you relax, be more prepared mentally, and help you have more confidence in yourself. spa deck jets grotto slide

8. Improve anxiety

Anxiety is a difficult issue to deal with for many people, but inground spas  can help. Thanks to the heat, relaxation, stress relief; spas will help you feel less anxiety. If you’d like more information about how to customize a pool or spa design for your own backyard, feel free to reach out and we’ll provide you with a free estimate.

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Inground Pool Landscaping 101

An inground pool acts like an outdoor oasis in your backyard and a lot of special consideration is needed for the landscaping around it. Apart from being part of a visually appealing place of relaxation, the landscaping has to be sustainable, practical and safe for both the pool area and people using it. Flowering plants that lure bees, for instance, are not recommended near safe walkways and the pool.
palm desert
Premier Pools & Spas of Palm Desert

Landscaping ideas that you need to consider are:


If swimmers have to walk through the dirt or grass to reach the pool, or if the cement perimeter around your inground pool flows straight into your lawn, organic debris and grass clippings stuck to feet bottoms will find their way into the pool. Damp feet can also track the dust and debris back into the changing area or house. This may result in frequent mess cleaning and maintenance of the pool. A slate walkway or stepping stones covering the pool’s most natural part will keep both pool and house dirt to a minimum, and also offer a point of visual appeal through the yard. Opt for flat stones that are smooth and visually appealing for swimmers’ feet. Some miniature statues or garden art along a lengthy walkway add a curious, artistic air to the yard.

Tricky Spaces Around the Pool

Considering that a pool can occupy up a lot of yard space, there usually appears to be some space that is not in use such as, along a building, fence, or at the perimeter. Instead of allowing it to grow wild or perhaps dealing with mowing near the pool; stirring up dirt or grass clipping near the pool; use polished river rocks to landscape these borders. Such stones come in monochromatic color schemes or in multi-colored packages to match your pool area decor. They are generally smooth enough to step on and will not be damaged by the chlorine in pool water.
Premier Pools & Spas

Water Features

If your poolside space is big and has unused spaces not utilized by sunbathers or swimmers; water features can make your pool area continue having a relaxing setting. If your budget is big, a waterfall over boulder-sized rocks flowing straight into the pool results in incredible scenery that simulates a natural waterfall and swimming area. For a small budget, miniature ponds or small fountains fitted with rocks and pumps can reconstruct the waterfall setting, including the sound of running water to your poolside heaven. The running water generates an air of tranquility while reading or sunbathing near the pool. You can also place groupings of garden art near the water features and birdbaths positioned away from the pool to create spots of visual interest.


Privacy is an important factor for many inground pools, particularly if surrounding properties are in close proximity. A big privacy fence around the property’s perimeter and usually two or three sides of the pool will help to keep out unwelcome pool guests and wandering eyes while you are away. You need to check local laws before setting up such a fence, as certain cities have laws regarding maximum fence height and specific regulations for pools. Tall evergreen plants and shrubs that act as natural privacy barriers are other alternatives. Tall plants planted in pots may also make areas of privacy, and also visual interest in corners and can be shifted at will.
Premier Pools & Spas

Seating and Lighting

Part of the delight of an inground pool is the calming setting around it. Plenty of comfortable seating; chairs around tables and reclining chairs, offer your guests an area to relax while not in the pool. Additionally, subdued landscape lighting offers an intimate, private ambiance at night. It also provides enough light for anyone using the pool to see clearly. Want to have an awesome Inground Pool Landscaping? At Premier Pools & Spas we offer exceptional services to all our customers. See for yourself!

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Pre-Season Preparation in Palm Desert

Get Ready for Summer Palm Desert

Let’s face it, the weather in Palm Springs during Spring, Winter and Fall ranges from beautifully warm to a bit too hot. However, summer in Palm Spring is HOT! That dry heat will leave you longing for a dip in a cool pool and that’s where Premier Pools & Spas of Palm Desert has you covered.
Premier Pools & Spas of Palm Desert

Envision your Palm Springs Oasis

At Premier Pools & Spas of Palm Desert, we use the best programs in the pool design software industry. The program used allows us to provide all of our clients with 3D artistic renderings of their pool design concepts. poolstudio This technology helps to ensure that all customer visions are accurately executed, leaving no room for disappointment in the final product. This helps clients to select custom pool design materials that are best suited to their specific taste. This digital rendering technology helps both our expert pool and spa design team and our clients to truly envision dream backyards.

Custom Inground Pools in Palm Desert

palm desert
Premier Pools & Spas of Palm Desert
Though we take pride in all of the services we have to offer and the dedication that goes into them, custom pool design, spa design, and backyard design are the essence of our business, and for obvious reasons. We are dedicated to meeting and communicating with our customers throughout the pool and spa design development process to ensure that every backyard design is transformed into the exact visions of our clients. Custom pool and backyard design guarantees full customer satisfaction and a backyard that you can truly call your own.

Meet Our Team

Premier Pools & Spas of Palm Desert
We genuinely like people, and we believe that honesty and communication must be at the foundation of every project. Jason Lewis, owner can meet with each client individually and personally supervise each project. We are convinced that your pool must be an investment that adds value to your home, and enhances your living experience. Therefore you deserve nothing less than the finest professionals in the industry. Our team is passionate and dedicated and quality is of foremost importance every step of the way. With over 18 years of experience in new custom pool design and construction, pool remodeling, repairs, and maintenance, we firmly believe that you will be satisfied with a company that you can trust. Let us make sure that your backyard is equipped with the pool and spa of your dreams. Relax, and leave it all to our expert team here at Premier Pools & Spas of Palm Springs. Let us prove that there is no other pool builder that is more trusted, reliable, and hardworking in the Coachella Valley. We are ready to serve you today!

We’re Proud to be Palm Desert Pool Builders – Serving Coachella, Palm Springs, and Desert Hot Springs

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Lap Pools For Your Narrow Backyard In Palm Desert

Are you thinking about getting a swimming pool for your backyard in Palm Desert but are puzzled about how to make it work in the limited space that you have? Well then, you may not have to worry any longer since a lap pool may be just what you and your narrow backyard need. Let us take a look at some of the key things that you should know about lap pools before you take the plunge.

Lap Pools For Your Narrow Backyard In Palm Desert – Don’t Let Space Define You

As we have said before, the available space that you have in your backyard is a key deciding factor in favor of getting a lap pool installed. Lap pools are perfect for homeowners who have houses that have simply taken up too much of their backyard space but they simply don’t want to forgo getting a swimming pool installed.
Premier Pools & Spas of Palm Desert
However, homeowners with narrow backyards are not the only ones who can benefit from having their very own lap pool installed. Lap pool can be great for homeowners who, quite frankly, just have too much going on in their backyard. Maybe you’re the type of man that needs to have more backyard space dedicated to outdoor cooking. Maybe you’re the type of woman that simply can never have enough space for your ever expanding backyard garden. Maybe you’re the type of family that needs to have a backyard that has various ways to play, bond, and have fun. Whatever the case may be, a lap pool is great addition to any backyard that is short on space.

Lap Pools For Your Narrow Backyard In Palm Desert – Perfect For Fitness

It’s no secret that a backyard swimming pool is one of the most effective fitness related things that you can get for your home. Why? It is a well-known fact that swimming is a great way to get a full body workout without putting too much strain on your body. It’s a great way to stay fit, healthy, and have a great workout.
Premier Pools & Spas of Palm Desert
So what does this have to do with lap pool? Well, lap pools are perfect for homeowners whose main motivations for wanting a swimming pool are fitness related. In fact, that’s where these type of swimming pools get their name from – lap pools are perfect for swimming laps!

Lap Pools For Your Narrow Backyard In Palm Desert – They Can Beautify Your Backyard

Premier Pools & Spas of Palm Desert
This is true for virtually any type of swimming pool but lap pools have a unique way of achieving this. While virtually all other types of swimming pools with undoubtedly become the centerpiece of your backyard – something that some homeowners try to avoid – a lap pool can be easily designed to not overpower the rest of your backyard. Lap pools are the perfect complement to backyard gardens, especially if you incorporate water features like fountains and waterfalls into your lap pool.
Premier Pools & Spas of Palm Desert

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