Want to go chlorine free? Pros and cons of salt water pools

Everyone is familiar with chlorine swimming pools. It is likely that your first pool experience and memory has something to do with a chlorine pool. However, it could easily be said that most people do not actually like chlorine. This is for many reasons. Chlorine stinks and it is irritating to the skin and the

Take Root: 11 Best Plants for Around the Pool

Having a swimming pool in a property is a major boon, especially during those hot summer months. Your pool is more than an incredible place to relax and cool down. It’s more than that place you spend your lazy days. It plays a major role in the overall aesthetic appeal of your property so it

Pool Lighting options for your Redding swimming pool

Building a swimming pool in your backyard is a dream come true, and with all dreams there are ways to improve them! Creating the perfect backyard oasis means that it is also equipped with lights in the pool and around the yard. Keep reading to find out what pool lighting options are available for your

7 Reasons to Build a Swimming Pool in Phoenix

To enjoy the long and warm Arizona summer, you need a swimming pool Phoenix. Not only it offers the perks of cooling off the blazing heat but also adds beauty to your backyard. If you want to create a fascinating tropical oasis in your backyard, an investment in a swimming pool is worth making. In

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Building an Indoor Pool

Indoor swimming pools offers you 365 days of fun in the water, which is their biggest appeal. However, when building an indoor pool for your Oklahoma home, do not approach it as would do with an outdoor pool. Given below are some of the most commonly made mistakes, which is ideal for you to avoid.

Who Are the Best Pool Builders to Work with in Portland?

You might be in search of the best pool builders for your new pool in your Portland home. Wherever you look, you see fabulous pools. But they seem to pose some maintenance problems or others.  You have asked around for recommendations from your friends and coworkers. But these left you even more confused. So, how

Natural Waterfall Designs

Do You Hear That? Waterfalls give an alluring sound that relaxes us, what better way to compliment the beautiful sound than with a beautiful naturalistic setting? A natural waterfall design will suit your Chattanooga swimming pool gracefully. This organic stone setting is able to be adapted to fit all budgets, backyards, and styles. Deciding to