If you already own a fiberglass pool and it’s having issues or aging, you may need to replace fiberglass pool with gunite. Gunite pools have become a preferred option. These inground pools are constructed with cement and sand mixture. They’re easy to customize which makes them great for any landscape.

Replace Fiberglass Pool with Gunite

So as enticing as it may be to try and economize by choosing fiberglass; a gunite inground pool will provide you with the most satisfaction.

Replace fiberglass pool with gunite- common fiberglass pool issues:

Protruding pool walls

This can happen due to the backfill material used during the construction process. A popular backfill material is sand. It can press against the fiberglass walls if it gets saturated with water. Though fiberglass is made to keep its form when full of water, areas with high water tables can cause it to flex. A gunite pool is another option to avoid this.

Spider cracks in the gel coat

You might find this to be the reason to replace the fiberglass pool with gunite since the spider cracks are not very appealing. These cracks happen when there’s pressure on an area of the swimming pool where the gel coat is not able to flex. The cracks can also take place during the shipping and at the time of installation since the coat is so thin.

Replace Fiberglass Pool with Gunite

Difficult to match colors

If a fiberglass pool requires a repair, repair colors might not match the existing color. Though most manufacturers offer an array of colors, this can be quite challenging.

Here are some reasons why you should choose a gunite pool:


Together with customizing your pool’s size and shape, you’ll have the option of a variety of finishes to go with your design. The different techniques and colors are virtually limitless. Use glass or pebbles to give your swimming pool a unique feel or choose a color that complements your surroundings. Use textures and colors to create shapes making your gunite pool stand out.

Special features

Gunite pools are perfect for incorporating special features, which is hard to find with a fiberglass pool. With their deluxe feel and look, gunite inground pools pair great with custom steps or stylish waterfalls.


Any kind of pool is a huge investment. For this reason, you should ensure that your pick will with last. Replace fiberglass pool with gunite, the latter has a repute for being highly durable. The pools have the ability to withstand numerous weather conditions and for many years without repair.

Replace Fiberglass Pool with Gunite

Replace Fiberglass Pool with Gunite – Conclusion

If you’re ever doubtful about whether or not to replace fiberglass pool with gunite, you should consult an experienced Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast pool builder. You will get the answers to your nagging questions and weigh replacement against repair. We specialize in constructing and installing gunite pools and spas. We strongly recommend gunite pools to our clients since these pools are great for any size backyard. They match several different landscape designs as well. To learn more about constructing or gunite pool installation in Gulf Coast, call us anytime.

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