How Hot Will My Deck Get In The Summer?

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There is no denying that it is important to consider the type of deck you will be using for your pool, some decks are better than others during summer while some are best for winter. Have you ever run across a hot beach with a barefoot? It doesn’t feel great. To say the least.

Of course, there are several decks for swimming pools with durable and affordable features, but the type of deck you choose should largely depend on its reaction to high temperature. If you live in an area with hot temperature, then you should know which deck is the best for you. There are so many pool decks available, including the concrete, pavers, bluestone, and travertine, but how much heat does each retain during summer?



Pavers as a Pool Deck Material

Pavers, when exposed to the sun, get pretty hot. Although paver is one out of the popular decks, walking on a pool deck of pavers feels less comfortable to the underfoot than other decking materials in the high point of the summer. The nature of pavers makes it absorb heat from the sun during summer and it can directly radiate it to the sole of your foot.
Of course, some other deck materials become hot during summer, though not as compared to the paver. The concrete deck is a patio type that gets uncomfortably warm in summer. While the paver absorbs much energy and radiates very high heat, the concrete deck absorbs a lower energy and gives out a somewhat warm radiation. Suffice it to say that concrete deck doesn’t get sweltering in the summer.

Travertine as a Pool Deck Material

If you are considering the travertine for your deck design, you should know that travertine stones are perfect for hot weather conditions; they naturally keep cool even in hot weather, this is why they are apt for your pool sides in the summer. Of course, many stones for decking absorb heat and become very hot for the barefoot, travertine pool decks are 20-30% cooler than other natural stones for the pool deck, they hold much less heat.



Bluestone is a highly attractive stone this material can be used to pave for swimming pools and other walkways. However, can get hotter than other materials when it is exposed to the sun for a long while. Blue stones quickly adapt to temperature, they are pleasant to the underfoot during cold weather but get quite hot during hot climates.

It is essential to know how hot your deck will feel in the summer; and of course this probably will affect your choice in the matter. We have locations all over the country that can assist you in choosing the right pool deck material. Whether you’re looking for a new pool deck or remodeling your existing pool deck. Click on your state in the map, you’ll find Premier Pools & Spas builders across the United States. Locating a local Premier Pools & Spas in your area isn’t very hard. With over 40 locations, we’re the largest pool builder in the world. Find a top quality pool construction expert in your local area now!


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