Eye-Catching Pool Features to Enhance Your Backyard Experience

Wouldn’t you agree that there is blissful solace in watching a cascading waterfall trickle down the faux boulders? Or, maybe you like to gaze into the colorful pool lights that dance to a melodious tune.

Whether it is outdoor entertainment with BBQ Sundays or a romantic date night, pool features transform your backyard into a great spot of visual interest and beauty.

Indeed, swimming pools have come a long way from being a hole in the ground. Homeowners are no longer content with traditional pool designs, either. They want stunning features in their spectacular backyards.

Premier Pools & Spas, the largest pool builder in the country, has been helping American homeowners realize their backyard dreams for over three decades. With our extensive knowledge and expert pool construction crew, we deliver breathtaking views to make your outdoor space more exciting. Whatever you choose to build – fiberglass, vinyl, or gunite pools, you enjoy the option to customize the design and features per your liking.

Dazzling Swimming Pool Features to Bring Your Backyard to Life

With advancements in modern technology, nothing is out of reach today. Especially with gunite swimming pools, you have the flexibility to build whatever you dream of. Do you want a contemporary waterside retreat with a lazy river flowing along the perimeter? Or, maybe you wish to recreate a fairy-tale backyard for your little princess.

Then these pool features are what you need to design enchanting outdoors:

Water Features

Swimming pool water features have the amazing ability to enhance the visual appeal of the already beautiful backyard. You can combine two or more types of water features to achieve the effect of whimsical charm or use a single element for an elegant look.

Spillover Spa

Spillover spas are great pool water features connected directly to the pool. With a water curtain or fountain that flows into the pool, they create an effect that is similar to an infinity edge pool. Add contrasting fire features in your gunite spa spillover for ultimate comfort in your backyard resort.


An outdoor waterfall, when integrated with the pool, can create a sacred backyard getaway. This stunning focal piece gives a luxurious touch to any pool theme, from Hawaiian retreat to Art Deco style. You can also add a dramatic drop with spillways from the pool retaining wall.

Deck Jets

Also known as laminar or pencil jets, deck jets can make your pool experience more thrilling. Fine water streams shooting out are captivating to look at, especially when you add colorful light effects. They are available with flow-adjustable and direction-adjustable nozzles.


Gushers or bubblers are pool water features that are mini fountains to be placed in your spa, tanning ledges, or shallow end of the pool. These hydrotherapy options not only look great, but the gushing sound of water also produces a meditative effect.

Sheer Descent

Rain curtain and sheer arc are some of the other names of this hypnotizing addition. Smartly positioned sheer descents with varying widths can create glass-like sheets of water that can be standalone landscape features, too.

There are many more pool features like scuppers, water slides, and spouts that can elevate your outdoor experience. Choose the features that suit your lifestyle and pay attention not to use too many and get the pool all crowded.

Fire Features

Fire is an element that can bring visual perfection even to simple pool designs. Fire and water make for a dynamic duo that breaks the monotony of the pool. Revel in a romantic date as the bright flames dance throughout the night.

Fire Table

Gather around the fire table with your loved ones for an outdoor movie night. Toast marshmallows on a concrete fireplace that comes with built-in low bench seating. Customize these show-stopping pool fire features in a cozy nook per your delight and enjoy your version of a family campsite adventure.

Fire Pit

The most common pool features that many homeowners cannot do without are the fire pits. Plan your evening of poolside fun centered around the firepit and some stylish outdoor furniture to get the most out of the party. These backyard installations are portable and pre-fabricated, while you also have it custom-built to your specifications.

Fire Walls

Fire walls are the trendiest decorative additions for any modern pool. A firewall is ideal for creating a separation between sections of the pool environment and providing warmth in chilly evenings. You can even have it behind a rain curtain for an unconventional effect.

Fire bowls combined with water features like scuppers blend the fiery elements with calming water sounds. One of the pool fire features that is gathering much popularity is the Helix torch, which has glass enclosing the brilliance of fire.

Infographic Content

Dazzle the Pool with Stunning Fire Features

  • Mystical trio: Lava rock fire pit with built-in scuppers and mood lighting
  • Provincial beauty: Floral landscaping, flaming fountain, and French country sunporch
  • Zen fusion design: Vertical planters, Japanese lanterns, and whimsical stepping stones
  • Modern delight: Sunken seating, in-pool fire pit, and pergola rain curtain

Light Features

Pool lights, when correctly designed and strategically placed, can amplify the beauty of your outdoor entertainment area. With creative pool lighting designs and concealed fixtures, turn any backyard element into a majestic centerpiece.


Do you have one expensive piece in your outdoors that you want everyone to admire? Then draw their attention with up-lights installed on the ground level. Use pool lighting to highlight the statuary fountain that dances in the dark. Or, create intriguing shadows with moonlighting perched on top of trees or high architectural structures.

Safety Lights

Your pool environment includes the deck or patio, stairs, and other tiered structures. Walking around in the night can be especially hazardous without ample lighting. You can use stair tread lights and solar pool lights along the pool perimeter. Or, use incandescent bulbs to highlight your lush landscape and your pool’s delicate beauty.


For added comfort and convenience, LED pool lights are the best options. They last longer and are easy to maintain. Unlike halogen bulbs, you do not need to replace them often. But the best part is that LED lights can be incorporated into any design. Be it in-pool lights or above-ground lights; LEDs suit every intricate pool space.

Mood Lighting

With modern technology, you have the power to create the perfect poolside ambiance at your fingertips. With fully-automated dimmer lights, you can now enjoy your solitary night out in the swim spa. Enjoy Al Fresco dining with dimmed pool lighting under the stars.

Underwater, floating, submersible, or fixed – there are a lot of lighting options to choose from. Combine innovative lighting features and add magic to your outdoor space.

Unique Ideas for Pool Deck Privacy

  • Lattice screen with planters or creeping plants
  • Upcycled door or window frame privacy fence with mirrors
  • Tall container plants or vertical gardens
  • Canvas walls, cloth curtains, and vertical blinds

Outdoor Living

While the pool remains the focal attraction, much emphasis is given to the outdoor living space. After all, your pool environment is where you relax with your family after a hectic day.

Outdoor Kitchen

One aspect of outdoor living that has always remained in trend is the outdoor kitchen. Whether it is a full-size kitchen with all the appliances or one with the basics – a bar and a grill, cooking and entertaining outdoors is a fun activity. Get the beer going, and have a standard outdoor BBQ and a television to get together with friends for the Super Bowl weekend.

Outdoor Living Room

For a classy look, opt for an outdoor living room with all the plush seating, a fireplace, and start great conversations. Choosing the right embellishments is critical; otherwise, you may end up with a style that is not in sync with your pool theme. For example, if you have a contemporary pool, go with architectural features and clean lines.


Your patio and the green vegetation make up for the pool landscape design, which again is central to your outdoor living style. You may wish to add a personal touch with an outdoor stereo system to play music per your mood. Custom seating and lighting are great options whether you like solo lounging or game night by the pool.

Other upgrades to consider for your new pool build or a makeover are:

Gazebos and cabanas

  • Swim-up bars
  • In-pool stools
  • Sunken patios
  • Hedges for privacy

Turn your plain backyard into a resort-quality aquatic retreat with these outdoor living features.

Pool Automation

Smartphones, smart homes, and smart cars: while everything around you is getting automated, your pool surely is not one to be left behind.

In the good old days, you had to turn on individual switches for each pool feature. Now, with advanced pool automation, you can access every pool control in one spot and flip all the switches with a single swipe. This is a boon considering the intricacies of modern pool designs and the sophisticated pool equipment that come with them.

If you are wondering which of your pool features can you automate, we have news for you. You can use almost all of the pool controls by integrating it with the central hub of your pool automation system.

There is no doubt that pool automation is helpful while you are home and chilling by the pool and do not want to be disturbed from your comfort zone. You do not have to get up to dim the lights or change the spa temperature as the night chills. However, the advantage of automated pool systems is that you can do all this from a distance.

On Vacation

When you are on a month-long holiday, it is clear that you miss a couple of cleaning schedules, but not when you have a pool automation system. Before you leave, program regular cleaning sessions to keep your pool water sparkly and safe when you get back.

Party Time

You have been organizing the seating, ordering the catering, and following up with the invites, and the time has finally come. When you see your guests arrive, you remember that you still have some things to attend to. Just activate the party mode on your phone and light up the entire backyard, and turn up the heat in the spa.

Pool automation is not just pure fun, and you also make significant savings on your energy bills. Use your phone to remotely monitor your pool with the most efficient backyard automation systems.

For Spectacular Pool Features, Call Premier Pools & Spas

Whichever of these fascinating pool features you decide on; we want you to know that endless opportunities are waiting to be tapped. Every idea can be transformed into reality. To build an impressive outdoor living design or a fully-automated futuristic pool in your backyard, you can rely on Premier Pools & Spas. Visit our offices in your location or contact us for a free estimate.


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