Pool Features

Whether it is outdoor entertainment with BBQ Sundays or a romantic date night, pool features transform your backyard into a great spot of visual interest and beauty.

Swimming pools have come a long way from being a hole in the ground. While traditional swimming pools still exist, nowadays homeowners are looking to stand out. They want stunning features in their unique backyards.

Premier Pools & Spas have been helping homeowners from around the country realize their backyard dreams for over three decades. Whatever you choose to build—fiberglass, vinyl, or gunite pools— you get the option to customize the design and the features to your liking.

Types Of Pool Features

With advancements in modern technology, nothing is out of reach today. Especially with gunite swimming pools, you have the flexibility to build whatever you dream of. Do you want a contemporary waterside retreat with a lazy river flowing along the perimeter? A fairy-tale backyard for your little princess? We can do it all! Explore all the available pool options you can have installed on your pool.

Pool Water Feature

Enhance the allure of your stunning pool by incorporating imaginative water features that elevate the excitement. Capture the hearts of children with colossal curved slides or create a captivating focal point with an awe-inspiring, towering fountain.

Pool Lighting Features

While escaping the scorching heat of summer afternoons is enticing, there’s a certain tranquility in luxuriating under the night sky. And when it comes to hosting a memorable gathering, envision an extravagant swimming pool party that will leave everyone in awe.

Pool Fire Features

Indulge in the bliss of your backyard swimming area throughout the year with the addition of enticing pool fire features. These captivating elements not only create warm and inviting spaces to gather with loved ones but also extend your outdoor enjoyment regardless of the season.

Safety Fence

Safeguarding your swimming pool is paramount, and pool safety fences play a crucial role in ensuring a secure environment. These essential barriers provide protection against unintentional falls into the pool, serving as a reliable deterrent to keep children, pets, and unwanted wildlife away from potential hazards.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Premier Pools & Spas is renowned for fulfilling the desires of our valued clients, and among the most sought-after features are outdoor living rooms, fireplaces, kitchens, and captivating ambient lighting that enhances the allure of the pool area. See all your options here.

Pool Automation

In the modern era, our lives are intertwined with smartphones and gadgets. From voice assistants like Alexa and Siri to automated checkout systems and autonomous vehicles, we are surrounded by advanced technology. Why not have the ability to manage your pool using your smartphone as well?

Get custom pool features installed on your pool.

Transform your backyard into a luxurious resort retreat with our breathtaking pool features. Whether you desire a tranquil lagoon-style oasis or a captivating desert-themed pool, our skilled builders at Premier Pools & Spas are equipped to bring your dream pool project to life. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our pool experts today and share your vision for a remarkable backyard pool experience.

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