Swimming pool remodeling

Remodeling, restoration, resurfacing, and renovation

The four R's.

At Premier Pools & Spas, we don't just design and build gorgeous, customized inground swimming pools. We can also take something that you already have and turn it in to something even better.

Over time, pool plaster can crack, causing leaks, and leaks can lead to a whole host of problems. Our remodeling experts can resurface damaged pools with new plaster, or upgrade with superior pebble finishes. We will also replace your old pool tile.

swimming pool remodeling

Now let's say there's nothing wrong with your pool. You just want to spice it up, give it some juice. That's where our remodeling experts really shine. We can add custom lighting (with a remote control!), waterfalls, spas, custom rock features, and so much more.

swimming pool remodeling

And upgrades don't have to be strictly cosmetic. There are a number of energy-efficient equipment upgrades we can offer. Anything from simply upgrading or replacing worn equipment, to installing energy-efficient solar heating, to installing a salt water chlorination system. Our experts can do it all.

We're proud of our remodel team, winner of the International Award of Excellence by the National Spa and Pool Institute for Swimming Pool Remodel/Renovation.

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Swimming pool remodeling
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