The Gunite Pool Building Process: From Start to Finish

Millions of homeowners across the country love owning gunite swimming pools as they provide fun, visual appeal with countless options.

Whether you want sharp angles, smooth curves, or a myriad of added features, the gunite pool building process allows for any configuration and style preferences.

Premier Pools & Spas is the nation’s top custom pool builder. We have installed over 75,000 stunning pools. From tanning ledges to swim-up bars, elevated spas to beach entries, we can customize your pool design to boost the beauty of your backyard.

Gunite Pool Building ProcessAll About the Gunite Pool Building Process

Here is how we begin to transform your backyard:

Design and Permits

First, our crew will visit your site and take measurements. Our qualified pool designers listen to all of your ideas and work with you to create your design.

Next, we will show you a 3D model rendition of your plan, which gives you an idea of how the pool will look in your yard. You can request changes or additions, such as a spa, fire feature, or water features, at this stage.

Once you sign the contract, we obtain the permits for the on-site build. The time it takes to get the permits varies, depending on your location.

Layout and Excavation

We layout the pool design on the property, indicating the exact size and shape of your pool and spa build.

Next, the excavation crew digs the site per the engineering plans. Depending on the site’s topography (whether it is hard soil or there is excessive groundwater), dig time may vary.

If you have a sloping yard, you will need a pool retaining wall, which is built at this phase.

Plumbing and Electrical Equipment

During this stage,  plumbing lines, skimmers, and electrical and gas lines are installed, including any gas lines needed for fire features.

Your pool equipment needs an electricity supply, for which we add wiring in this phase. Additional pool features, such as in-pool lights, also need electrical fixtures, which will be added at this point of the project.

Additionally, gas lines are installed to deliver propane to any fire features or outdoor kitchens on the site.

Gunite Pool Building Process 1Rebar Setup

We follow engineering plans closely to install steel around the pool, reinforcing the shell and protecting it from any cracks or defects. The steel rebar framework consists of a vertical and horizontal series of bars that add strength to your pool.

Gunite Application

This phase is the crux of the gunite pool building process. Here, our contractors mix the dry gunite or prepare the shotcrete mix, a pre-mixed, wet concrete product.

Using a high-pressure nozzle, the concrete is shot onto the rebar. Contractors manually add features like steps and Cabo shelves into the structure.

Once the pool shell forms, it is left to cure for a few days. Curing is a crucial time for a concrete pool build since it allows for proper bonding. The shell will require watering 2 to 3 times a day for 7 to 10 days.

Tile, Coping, and Decking

As the pool shell is curing, perimeter tile and pool coping are added. This is also the stage when deck features such as fireplaces, deck jets, or sheer descents are incorporated.

Pool pumps, heaters, and other equipment are added after this stage.

Gunite Pool Plaster

Pool Interior and Landscaping

The pool interior finish, which provides waterproofing, is integrated. The pool is then filled with water, which takes 16-24 hours, generally. The pool interior is brushed to remove plaster dust.

Any landscaping updates or additions are completed at this stage.

Pool Startup

We do a full sweep of every piece of equipment installed, to ensure they are functioning correctly. After the final cleanup, we add water, balance the chemicals, and start your pool.

The last phase is the pool handover. This is where we schedule an orientation and explain how to operate the equipment and maintain your pool and chemistry. Now your pool is ready!

Get Dedicated Service and a Superior Pool Building Process with Premier Pools & Spas

Gunite pools are constructed entirely on-site, which means we take full responsibility for every build. With careful attention and planning, our team of expert builders will ensure that your dream pool becomes a reality. To learn more about our pool building process or to schedule a free on-site, contact Premier Pools & Spas via the form below.

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