Gunite Pool Building Process Phases: From Start to Finish

Millions of homeowners across the country love owning gunite pools as they provide a fun, visual appeal with countless other features.

Whether you want sharp angles, smooth curves, or a myriad of added features, the gunite pool building process allows for any configuration and style preferences.

Premier Pools & Spas is the top-most custom pool builder that has installed over 70,000 stunning designs in the American homes. From tanning ledges to swim-up bars, elevated spas to beach entries, we can customize your pool design to boost the beauty of your backyard.

Gunite Pool Building ProcessAll About the Gunite Pool Building Process

In about 8-10 weeks, you will have the most spectacular pool you have ever seen. In the meantime, it will be overrun with our pool construction crew that is working hard to make your dream a reality.

Here is how we begin to transform your backyard:

Phase 1: Design and Permits

First, our crew will visit your site and take the measurements. Our qualified pool designers listen to your every single idea that you have gathered over the years.

Next, we show a 3D model rendition of your plan, which gives you an idea of how the pool looks at your site. You can further make additions like a spa or fire and water features.

Once you sign the contract, we get the permits for the on-site build. However, the time taken to get the permits depends on your location.

Phase 2: Layout and Excavation

We layout the pool design on the property that indicates the exact size and shape of your pool and spa build.

Next, the excavation crew digs the site per the engineering plans. Depending on the site topography, whether it is hard soil or there is excessive groundwater, the time taken for the dig may vary.

Besides, if you have a sloping yard, you will need a pool retaining wall, which we build in this phase.

Phase 3: Plumbing and Electrical Equipment

We put up a wooden frame along with the layout and mark out where the plumbing goes to ensure the best pool circulation. We put in the pool filtration equipment, pumps, and other accessories.

Your pool equipment needs electricity supply, for which we add the wiring in this phase. Additional pool features that go in the water, such as in-pool lights, also need electrical fixtures.

Gunite Pool Building Process 1Phase 4: Rebar Setup

Along the length and breadth of the pool dig, we install reinforcing structural steel that warranties the gunite pool shell from any cracks or defects. This steel rebar framework consists of vertical and horizontal series of bars that add strength to your pool.

Phase 5: Gunite Application

This phase is the crux of the gunite pool building process. Here, our contractors work with dry concrete- a mixture of cement, sand, gravel, and other aggregates.

Using a high-pressure nozzle, they shoot the gunite onto the rebar. Another nozzle releases water that mixes with gunite as it exits the high-pressure hose.

Once the gunite pool shell forms, it is left to cure for a few days. Curing is a crucial time for a gunite pool build since it allows for the concrete to bond properly.

Phase 6: Pool Features

One of the benefits of the gunite pool build is the materialโ€™s high adaptability to any design. Likewise, gunite also works well in incorporating any pool feature.

If you wish to add a trickling spillway with an elevated spa or a tiered rock waterfall with hidden fire bowls in a cave, gunite can deliver. You can also make way for underwater or surface-mounted light features for added security or to bring out the beauty of your custom pool in the dark.

Lavish Gunite Pool Design Ideas

  • Floating deck: Outdoor lounging platform over the pool, bar, and entertainment system
  • Beach view: Infinity edge, tile or glass finish, and subtle lighting
  • Secret lagoon: Lazy river, rock waterfalls, and lush tropical vegetation
  • Back to nature: Eco-friendly materials, rugged landscape, f