Highlight Your Beautiful Backyard with Custom Pool Light Features

As much as you’d like to cool off during hot summer afternoons, there is something serene about soaking in the night. And when you think of a party – think “posh” swimming pool party that everyone will talk about.

Pool lights create a modern lounge vibe that takes your guests on an evening getaways to the Aloha State!  Whether an impromptu gathering, or a movie night, or a relaxing night, dressing up your pool with lights will have you covered.

Installing pool lighting stretches beyond just for practical purposes. Today’s modern-day pools come in designs that are far more intricate than the yesteryears’ rectangular or kidney-shaped pools.

There are multiple sections and layers to a pool now – be it the sunken seating around a fire table that is smack dab in the middle of the pool or the seamlessly-integrated stepping stones that float towards a spectacular spa. Even if you are not inside the water, the pool lighting illuminates your backyard, allowing you to take in the scenic views while lounging on the deck.

As a top custom pool builder in America for over 30 years, Premier Pools & Spas understand how to incorporate the right pool lighting options to showcase the beauty and elegance of your backyard retreat. We specialize in building fiberglass, vinyl, and gunite swimming pools with luxuriant features customized per your ideas.

Pool Light FeaturesPool Lights That Set Your Inground Pool on Fire

Around 200 years ago, when the incandescent bulbs were invented, they were only functional and pretty straightforward. Today, pool lights, and lights in general, offer multiple benefits, one of which is mood elevation.

In-Pool Lights

Underwater lights are available in LED, fiber optic, and halogen lights in single and multi-color options. Besides making your night swimming safer, in-pool lights instantly elevate the dramatic levels of your pool party.

While all these options bring vibrance to the poolscape, some are more complex to install and maintain than the others. For instance, in-pool halogen lights consume more power than the energy-efficient LED lights. Furthermore, LED pool lights use 87% less energy than incandescent counterparts, and also require less upkeep.

Since LED options are also easier to install in a fresh pool build, you can place them anywhere – on shallow sun shelves, lap lanes, narrow pool walls. They provide brilliant illumination to the focal elements, but you can also use the lens covers that come in the pack to avoid straining the eyes with direct light.

Floating and Submersible Lights

Floating pool lights and submersible variations come in battery-operated and in solar-powering options. They are waterproof and can be placed anywhere in the pool. The best part is that the pool light bulbs can change colors.

Per your style preference, use a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes to achieve stunning effects to dazzle your poolside parties. Enliven all your special occasions with these great additions that can create a disco-effect pool lighting with different RGB colors. Display jaw-dropping underwater shows with automated lights installed near deck jets on a great night.

Spa Lights

While the rest of the light options elevate the pool features, spa lights work towards downplaying the attention. Soaking amidst the soothing bubbles and energizing hydrotherapy jets can be made even more relaxing with a warm, inviting glow.

Enjoy the blissful tranquility while basking in the refreshing spa brightened with colorful pool and spa lights. Put the vivid illumination on rotation by using a timer. Manage the light settings, change the colors, and make the most of your backyard entertainment with a touch of your finger.

LED Flood Lighting

While spotlights cast a narrow beam of light that can enhance the breathtaking views of your favorite pool areas, LED floodlights can cast a much broader glow over more extensive areas, such as the patio, walkways, or the outdoor kitchen.

Although LED bulbs in the floodlights are more appropriate for general lighting, you can get an automated lighting system like a motion floodlight to secure the entire perimeter. LED light is one of the most popular choices for pool lighting to keep the backyard ambiance stable.

Pool Loans: How Do They Work

  • Fiber Optic lighting: Pool, backyard, and perimeter lighting
  • Floating pool lights: Rechargeable and rugged designs
  • LED pool lights: Programmable light shows and long life
  • Patio and pathway lights: Retrofitting down-lights, solar, and small up-lights

Architectural Lighting

With LED strategically placed swimming pool lights, you can add a fresh look to the natural waterfall or highlight the accompanying water features. Pool lights can also amplify other impressive features in your backyard.

You can illuminate certain architectural elements in the pool surroundings with up-lights that show off your prized features, such as statues. If you need to make a dramatic trellis the main attraction in your small backyard, you can use uplighting with light fixtures placed on the ground level and shining upwards.

On the other hand, down-lights create a mellow, moonlit effect for intimate areas. Install muted accent lighting on a tree or any higher spot to shine down on a hidden media room in a cave and grotto design.

Other bewitching lighting elements are tiki torches, which you can line up on the pathways for illumination or as added fire features.

Get the Best Pool Lights for Your Beautifully-Designed Pool by Premier Pools & Spas

You may choose a subtle and understated luminescence for a romantic evening or a glaring spotlight to draw attention to certain pool elements. Either way, pool lights play a critical role in making your backyard parties a roaring hit. However, the key is to find the right pool lighting elements. Contact Premier Pools & Spas to help you add a touch of glamour to your new backyard pool.

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