Intelligent Pool Control Systems With a Single Click!

In today’s world, we are all connected to our smartphones and devices.

From Alexa and Siri to the cashier-less checkout stations and self-driving cars, automation technology is all around us. So, why not be able to control your pool from your phone too?

Take control of your backyard experience with the most user-friendly and innovative pool automation and control systems on the market. Control all pool equipment and functions, including schedules, pumping, pool, and landscape lighting, water features, and heaters.

Premier Pools & Spas embraces the latest generation of smart control systems and advanced technology in its pool building process. With 30 years of experience, we delight our customers with endless possibilities in their backyard. Enhance your swimming experience with smartphone apps designed for gunite, vinyl, and fiberglass pool builds, or integrate it in your next pool remodeling project.

Premier Pools & Spas offers a line of the industry’s best automation systems to suit any backyard environment

  • Save up to 70% on energy costs
  • Take the guesswork out of maintenance
  • Total backyard control at your fingertips

How Do Pool Automated Solutions Work?

Your pool automation control system connects to your phone wirelessly and allows for remote monitoring.

Control, monitor, and access pool-related functions anytime, anywhere!

Whether you want to be operating the filtration system or controlling pool equipment, your pool is ready when you are.

Swimming Pool Automation

With pool automation, you can control:

  • Pool, spa, and landscape lighting
  • Color lights and dimmers
  • Outdoor fire pit and other fire features
  • Water features like laminar jets and fountains
  • Hydrotherapy jets and spillovers
  • Pool and spa temperatures
  • Booster and filter pumps
  • Salt chlorinators and pool cleaners, and more

Pool Automation Systems for Your Backyard

Premier Pools & Spas can help you upgrade to the latest automation technology during the remodel of your existing pool or new pool install installation.

Here are the top-rated pool automation products:

iAquaLink App

The iAquaLink app is an intelligent app for your smartphone or any web-connected device, irrespective to the platform. This mobile app allows you to keep an eye on your pool and how it functions, no matter where you are.

If you are on vacation and are not sure if you have turned off the in-pool lights, you can virtually check it. Maybe you’re a gym rat who just had the most brutal workout ever—use the app to get your relaxing spa running by the time you return home.

You can monitor and adjust all your pool’s equipment after connecting them to the iAquaLink control center. The control hub, usually installed on your equipment pad, communicates the pool and spa information to the app 24/7.

iAquaLink is:

  • Completely wireless
  • Configurable
  • Simple to install

9650iQ Sport

Swimming Pool Automation

When you are away, keeping your pool clean becomes easier with the 9650iQ Sport robotic cleaner. Using the same iAquaLink control center, you can connect 9650iQ Sport to a reliable Wi-Fi network and schedule regular cleaning tasks in real-time.

Monitor the status of the cleanliness of your pool water and have access to troubleshooting tips on the iAquaLink pool phone app. The robotic pool cleaner comes with a four-wheel drive and a swivel control feature, which makes maneuvering around obstacles and climbing them much smoother.

It delivers excellent performance by cleaning the pool floor, steps, walls, and even the waterline. With a dirty canister indicator, 9650iQ Sport ensures that your pool remains free of debris at all times.

Benefits You Receive by Letting Your Pool Take Care of Itself

  • Increased water safety with pool automation
  • Precise monitoring for water balance
  • Total control of the pool environment
  • Programmable systems save time and money
  • Real-time detection of pool issues and faster resolution


iQPUMP01 is a pool pump automation system that goes beyond the control function and works on variable-speed pumps. It allows you to run the pump for a while to circulate the added pool chemicals or stop the pump from running for up to 24 hours when you schedule pool servicing.

One of the best parts about this pool automation system is the simple user interface. Installers can set it up even in the absence of an internet connection.

This energy-efficient automation system can program the pumps to operate during the non-peak hours to minimize energy consumption. You can also include a chlorinator and control the chlorination levels, or connect a booster pump and program a cleaning schedule.

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Accessorize your pool with the latest and most efficient pool automation systems. If you have any questions regarding how they make your life easier and help you save significantly on your energy costs, call us today. You can also visit one of the local offices of Premier Pools & Spas to schedule a free estimate.

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