Think You Can’t Fit a Pool In Your Yard? Consider a Small Pool!

Inground Pools for Small Yards

There are several reasons why people stray away from the idea of owning a pool. These reasons include but are not limited to limited space, reluctance to care for a high-maintenance pool, and having the difficult decision of choosing between pool or spa. If you identify yourself as such, perhaps a small pool is right for you! A small pool, otherwise known as a “spool,” is a pool that is smaller than a typical pool but flexible enough to enjoy similarly and year-round. Although they are commonly found in confined spaces, they can be built for any! Just like a regular pool, you can customize the sizing of your spool. While so, most are constructed deep enough to match that of a normal-sized one. 

The best part?

Small pools are less expensive in most markets, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds without breaking the bank!

Small Space? Try a Spool!

Your yard size shouldn’t get in the way of owning a pool. With a spool, you can enjoy the luxuries of a regular pool with the benefits of a spa! Spool owners can have heat installed, allowing for more relaxation than ever before.  This add-on is ideal for those who enjoy taking a dip when it’s a bit chilly out. While they are smaller, don’t let their size fool you. Spools offer the same amount of tranquility and beauty as a normal pool, all while fitting comfortably in your backyard. It is their versatility that makes them the perfect choice for many. 

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