Going out to swim on a hot, and sunny day is a great idea. But what you do to encourage family bonding? Play fun activities with some of the best pool toys for children. Have a fun-filled swimming experience while relaxing in the sun.

Giant Inflatable Water Wheel

How does the idea of walking on water sound? Make this a reality with water wheels. They are made using PVC tubes and nylon and are durable. These inflatables also guarantee to be leak proof. Pool toys like water wheels are suited for kids over five years of age. They are entirely safe and resistant to vibrations that may hinder the right balance. It serves as proper exercise equipment and a relaxation spot for your kids.

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Swim Through Rings

These rings are ideal for kids over eight years of age. Its construction is durable and comes with an artificial diving fish for support. Test your kids’ swimming skills as they pass through these rings. These rings come with inflatable chambers and measure 31 inches in diameter.

Floating Basketball

Play basketball without running and sweating. Enjoy playing with floating basketball hoops in your pool. The floating hoops are durable and include a sturdy net for withstanding harsh game plays. They are also immune to harsh weather conditions, and hence weatherproof. It makes a perfect splashy and cool game for your entire family.

Pool Volleyball

Not interested in basketball? Don’t worry. Enjoy another exciting game with pool volleyball. It is suitable for kids above six years of age. The volleyball set comes with a ball, net with a floating base, and two anchors. The anchors help to hold the game firmly in place. It also comes with a repair kit for minor adjustments.

Watermelon Ball

Pool toys like a watermelon ball are favorite among kids and adults alike. The ball is stylish, durable, and has vibrant colors that are visible underwater. You can dive for it, pass it up to 10 feet underwater, play tag or keep-away. It is one of the best pool balls to get.

Fun With Mermaid Tail

Do you wish to experience being a mermaid or merman? Then this incredible costume is just for you. It is made using a sturdy fabric that resembles a texture between a bathing suit and a thin wetsuit. The tail has a scale-like pattern that provides a 3D effect when wet. It also has a flipper-like monofin for gliding through water. Your kids will enjoy playing mermaid or racing through the waters.

Toypedo Bandits

These amazing pool toys resemble a mini-submarine. Toss them into your pool and watch them glide slowly up to 20 feet through the water. Your kids will love catching and chasing these missiles. They can also play a racing game or relay with this toy. Toypedo bandits have a hydrodynamic design and help to improve diving and underwater swimming skills.

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Inflat A-Bull

Bring forth your inner cowboy with Inflat-A-Bull toy. Measuring 96*77*32 inches, it is ideal for all ages and large swimming pools. Climb aboard this inflatable toy and have your family rocking and rolling. It is made using heavy gauge vinyl for extra durability. The toy also has three air chambers that come handy during a rough game.

Gobble Gobble Guppies

Keep your little swimmers busy with this fun game. The game is available as a set of colorful guppies and a shark. The shark tries to gobble these guppies upon squeezing its tail. The guppies have numbers printed on them, and it is one of the fun ways to teach numbers to your little one.

Floating Logs

Have a challenging battle while balancing on these floating logs. Have fun watching your kids topple into the water while trying to balance. Each set will fetch you two inflatable logs made from durable material.

Toys for your swimming pool are a great way to immerse yourself in a quality swim time. Get them today to see how your happiness is augmented and create a memorable play time.