If you are from Austin Texas then you know all about swimming spots. Those are the only things that can keep you from boiling in the hot summer sun in Texas. You’ve got to have the water or you are going to melt like a human Popsicle. In this article, we are going to talk about 3 do not miss swimming spots in Austin Texas.

Swimming Spots You’ve Got to Visit In Austin Texas

swimming spots

Photo Credit: Patrick Lewis

Jacob’s Well is about an hour southwest of Austin Texas in Wimberley. This perennial spring reaches depths of 100+ feet!

swimming spots

Photo Credit: Jason St Peter

Just a little way from Austin over in Georgetown is Blue Hole which is a nice area to wade in the clear water with its mini falls that are perfect when you want to relax in a tube. You will also see the limestone bluffs that you are not supposed to jump from but some people are still tempted.

swimming spots

Photo credit: Matt Simon

McKinney Falls is not only great for swimming but it is also great for hiking and camping. If you are looking for even better swimming, you can go to the Lower Falls.

Creating Your Own Swimming Spots

While it may be fun to go out to these different swimming spots, sometimes you just want to be by your own pool and know what is in the water with you. Not everyone is so keen on going out to swim in the wild where fish, snakes and other things can come up and say hello.

If you have been thinking about getting your own swimming pool, Austin is a perfect place to get a pool since it is so hot much of the year. Being able to have one of the best swimming spots in your backyard will not only give you a lot of enjoyment, but it will also make you popular. You’ll be surprised how many people are ready to come over and hangout once you have your pool.

A Pool That Will Fit Your Lifestyle

Make sure that you are thinking about how you are going to use your swimming spots instead of just thinking about how you want the pool to look. If you like going to outdoor swimming spots, you could put in some landscaping that makes it feel more like the outdoors. You can place some different trees or shrubs around the pool. Make sure you don’t place plants or trees that are going to create debris for your pool.

Think about who is going to be using your pool, how many people will be in the pool at once and if you are going to be entertaining a large group of people. Thinking about how you are going to use the space will allow you to figure out the best pool design for you when it comes to swimming spots and creating a swimming spot that is going to be just right for your backyard.

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