For beginner swimmers, the water can be scary. If you aren’t sure of yourself and are wondering if you are going to sink or swim, it is more difficult to enjoy the pool. While the pool may look fun and inviting to a strong swimmer, beginner swimmers might be scared and nervous. In this article, we are going to go over 3 top tips for beginner swimmers so that you can be confident in your swimming.

Beginner Swimmers – Use the Buddy System

beginner swimmers

If you are worried about whether you are going to sink or swim like many beginner swimmers, make sure that you have a buddy swimmer. A buddy swimmer should be someone that you trust, someone that you know is a great swimmer and someone that is going to help coach you in case you forget something about swimming that you should be doing.

Having a swimming buddy will help you be more confident in the water and keep you on track whenever you might forget what you are supposed to do to keep yourself afloat.

Beginner Swimmers Must Develop a Feel for the Water

It isn’t normal for us to swim in the water unless we have grown up being around the water. This is why it is important for us to get used to be in the water and see how it allows us to move around. You need to see how the water helps you and how you can stay afloat in the water and tread water.

Beginner Swimmers Should Be Bubbling Swimmers

beginner swimmers

Did you know that blowing bubbles in the water can help you learn how to relax and swim? The reason this is important is because we have the instinct to hold our breath and we need to stop doing that. When we have our face in the water, we hold our breath but that doesn’t help us. We should be exhaling when we have our face in the water. If we don’t, we are going to have to inhale and exhale as we are freestyling.

You can get in some chest high water and just start to blow bubbles into the water. Try humming through your nose and mouth to make a steady stream of bubbles. This will allow you to get more comfortable with having your face in the water and get you to trust the water more.


beginner swimmers

When you have your own pool, it makes it much easier to learn how to swim and go from being one of the beginner swimmers to now being a great swimmer. When you have your own pool, you are able to practice and enjoy yourself as you are learning how to swim.

You may think that having a pool is expensive but the truth is that is may be less expensive than you think. You’ll never know what you could have if you don’t speak to a pool company and ask them about your options.

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