Don’t let the sweltering summer heat wilt your fitness goals. Step out into your backyard and make a splash in your pool. With pool exercise, you’ll not only stay fit but also feel energized all through the day. Swimming burns the fat and gets you in proper shape. Here are 5 ways in which you can use your pool for the right moves and stay fit:

5 Ways You Can Use Your Pool for Exercise 1

Planks in the Water

Using pool noodles, you can enjoy this amazing pool exercise. To do this, push the noodles into the water and make a plank position. Keep your head above the water while your body remains straight underneath. Hold on this position for 30 seconds.

When doing this exercise, draw your stomach muscles inside and up. Also, don’t let the lower back to arch. This exercise will reduce the backpain and improve your posture. Above all, it strengthens your core for overall fitness.

Kicks in the Water

To tighten your core muscles, you can try kicks in your pool. For this exercise, keep a kickboard at some distance in front of your body. Now, flex your foot past 90 degrees for propulsion. You can try flutter kicks where your legs extend straight back when you kick up and down. If you want to try frog kicks, bend your knees to bring the feet together.

Now, draw the legs up and straighten them as far as you can. Bring them up again with some speed. Butterfly kicks also help to maintain your body shape. Bring your legs from thighs to your feet and point the toes. Using the hips, kick your legs without pulling them apart.

Tucks in the Water

Using the pool noodles, you can tuck in the deeper water. To do this pool exercise, wrap the noodles behind your back. Keep it stable under your arms while you keep your legs straight. Point the toes to the bottom and bring the knees up from the torso. Hold on to this position for a few seconds before getting back to your start position.

Try the Shoulder Flies

You can do this exercise in the shallow end of your pool. Keep your back flat against the pool wall and squat until the shoulders are underwater. With feet on the floor, stretch your arms to your sides at 90 degrees with palms facing forward.

Then, move your arms ahead and bring the hands together while keeping the arms straight. Return to the starting position and repeat this exercise at least 10 times. It works great to improve back and shoulder strength.

5 Ways You Can Use Your Pool for Exercise 2

Lunge in Water

Lunges are anyhow complex. If you hate them already, get ready to change your view. Lunges in a swimming pool are lot more refreshing than you think. All you need to do is stand in water up to your chest height.

Wrap the pool noodles around one leg. Keep it in a U-shape. Now, take a step forward. Lunge with your legs and stretch your feet to enjoy this exercise.

So, you can turn your pool into an aquatic gymnasium and try any of these pool exercises. For upgrading your pool, call the experts.