When Easter is upon you, it’s time to prepare for the fun and exciting Easter pool party. It is an event when you can revel in the joy with your friends and family. Ditch the traditional egg hunt and take the fun to water in your pool. Here are some fun ideas for holding the most enjoyable pool party on Easter:

Themed Decoration

When it comes to Easter-themed decoration, eggs and chocolates rule the imagination. But, your Easter decorations needn’t be limited to these. Focus on pastel shades for the décor. If your poolside soiree is planned for the afternoon, balloons and paper decorations in pastel colors will look great. You can decorate the swimming pool with colorful balloons for the event. For evening fun, LED multi-color lights can do the trick and illuminate your pool area. Put Easter-themed tablecloths and plastic baskets for food buffet.

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Exotic Menu

Well, Easter food all about sweet things. Chocolates and candies must make to your Easter pool party menu. Make sure to keep a lot of chocolate bars on a bowl filled with ice to prevent melting of the candies. The special grub for the party can also include a variety of sandwiches. Add a tray of cheese with croissants, cold fruits, and French bread to the mix. Also, don’t forget to grab assorted bags of chips.

Tangy Cocktails

What fun can be an Easter pool party without assorted beverages? Sodas, water, and juices should keep flowing through the party. You can get as creative as you want with the choice of beverages. Make some non-alcoholic drinks like sangria and cranberry juice cocktails. Put them in a dispenser that makes it easy to serve without any mess. The drinking water must be aplenty to keep everyone hydrated while enjoying the swims in the pool.

Exhilarating Games

There are many fun games for an Easter pool party. Try the games that will keep both the kids and adults engaged. Start with Do the Bunny using leftover Easter eggs. Fill them with different activity ideas and ask every player to open an egg and do whatever activity is there in it. Also, you can play Easter egg toss. It is an exciting game where you need a basket and some empty eggs. Make the baskets float in the pool and ask the players to toss empty eggs in these baskets from the pool deck.

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Dress Up for the Party

For complete fun, you must dive in style. Add some bunny ears to the goggles and get everybody wear them while taking the plunge. It is a fun way to brighten up the party scene and make everyone laugh a bit when the bunny ears wilt in the water.

Easter Treat Bags

If you want to make your Easter party memorable forever, give some remarkable souvenirs to the guests. Apart from treat bags, you can try gifts like personalized bunny keychains, T-shirts with bunny prints, or personalized Easter bunny ears.

These are some amazing ideas to have a fun-filled pool party this Easter. Before anything else, get your pool prepared with proper cleaning and maintenance.