Color is all around us!

We typically gravitate towards a certain color scheme, and research shows that we make choices depending on the emotional reaction we have to a tone or color. Understanding the way colors work jointly with each other and with our personalities is essential to understand, since color is the fastest way to craft the desired effect or to illustrate a feeling. When you are making a design, the effect of color on the end product has to be taken into consideration, particularly in a pool design, where every aspect of a poolscape and its surrounding has an impact on how the final product will look.


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Below are some of the color schemes we have come up with:


Customized lighting choices enable swimming pool owners to change the mood and emphasize architectural elements and water features. Swimming pool lighting will help to create a garden mood that is yours. Nowadays, energy-efficient LED swimming pool lighting will help you to save, extends your pool’s life into the evenings, and enhances safety for backyard entertaining and night time swimming.

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Color changing swimming pool lights may be set to change colors fairly fast. This is certainly entertaining to party guests. It may also be entertaining to people while relishing a tranquil night at home. But some people might like to have fixed color swimming pool lights. LED swimming pool light comes in a variety of different shades. You may choose from green, red, blue, and virtually any color you can think of.


A pool would appear dull and dry without floor tiles since it can alleviate the appearance of this feature in your own home. Designers at Premier pool & Spa say that white and blue tiles reflect light, giving your swimming pool water a clear look. Unique patterns and bright colors make your pool appear more costly, and darker shades conceal the true depth of your swimming pool.

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Before you choose tile color and type, you can contact Premier Pool & Spa professionals to get an estimate and to make sure that the style and color matches your yard.


Swimming pools and the surrounding landscape must generate luxurious, calming space where your guests can entertain and unwind. You can use the right plants in your pool design to get that tropical feel.

You can use different kinds of plants and flowers to create various looks, whether that is a modern retreat, tropical oasis or southwest-inspired swimming pool.


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You can install plants with these three characteristics:

  • Create privacy
  • Bring color
  • Add texture

Plants that are lush and colorful, will really transform the swimming pool area into an oasis. There are various full-sun perennials that will give color, like day lilies and windflowers. Perennials will not die after flowering, so you will not need to worry about cleaning up later.


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Every pool worldwide is unique. But they basically all operate in the same way. Pool finishes have gone through a huge remodel in the recent decade. Nowadays, swimming pool owners are leaning more toward aggregate swimming pool finishes. Would you like to make the color of your water unique? Adding accent stones and colored glass beads can impact the color of water beyond your imagination. An appealing choice of textures and colors enable swimming pool owners to express their unique style.

Among the color schemes, tips and tricks listed above, which one is your favorite?

Want to Add a Color Scheme to Your Pool?

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