Whether you live in a smaller home or you have a small backyard, a plunge pool is a better option than traditional pools. A plunge or dipping pool serves the purpose of wading or lounging instead of serious swimming. Homeowners prefer this type of pool for its low building costs, easy maintenance, and smaller size. There are many benefits to building a small pool to take a cool plunge.

Fits Small Space

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Due to their small size, a plunge pool can fit any space where you can’t possibly build a traditional pool. Many homeowners prefer this type of pool alongside a deck or patio. You can also tuck it away near a wall or fence. With their versatility, they can fit the architecture and landscaping of your home with ease. These pools are cheaper to install heating systems, and they offer all the benefits of traditional spas as well.

Health Benefits

You can design a small plunge pool for cold-plunge therapy as well. Athletes and swimmers prefer taking a cold plunge after a heated spa or sauna session to enjoy its therapeutic benefits. They offer benefits such as relaxing muscle inflammation, faster recovery times and reducing pain. Plunging into cold water helps with fatigue, stress, pain relief, and mood enhancement. You need professionals to build and install a temperature-controlled small pool.

Good for Exercises

You can try low-impact aqua exercises in a smaller pool. It allows stretching of arms, abdominal muscles, and legs. Though you don’t get the benefits of cardio as in a lap pool, a plunge pool can offer targeted messages using jets. For a gentle full-body massage, choose the whirlpool effect in your pool.

Easy to Maintain

The plunge pools are easy to clean and maintain. Due to their small size, lesser debris gets into the pool. You can simply use a manual vacuum and skimmer to remove the leaves and junk that makes its way into the pool. Also, it is easy to throw a cover over a smaller pool than a large pool in your backyard.

Economy of Prices

Building a plunge swimming pool is cheaper than the installation of a traditional and large pool. It requires lesser area to dig and clear for installation. Even the material requirements are much lesser for the tiling, decking, and fencing of a small pool. The cost of maintenance is substantially low as it needs fewer chemicals and lesser water. The associated costs of operating the pumps, heaters, and filters are also low for plunge type pools.

Less Water Requirements

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When compared to regular pools, plunge pools need up to 80% less water. You can use variable speed pumps for small and compact pools. As such, it uses nearly 80% less energy than standard pool pumps. Instead of chlorine buckets, you can use saltwater chlorinator to clean this pool.

Apart from these, a plunge pool is also great for creating a focal point in your garden. You can add interesting water features and integrate it into the landscaping for creating a small oasis in your backyard.

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