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AnnMarie Caruso Shared Their Premier Pools Story

Customer Name: AnnMarie Caruso
Location: Lynbrook, New York
Date: 03/22/2018

How Has Owning a Pool Changed Your Family’s Life?
Owning a pool is a a constand reminder of the love my husband and I have for each other. I had always wanted a built in pool but it was always an expense that we felt was unnecessary. Then my husband got sick and needed a kidney transplant. He had less than 5% kidney function and needed a transplant asap. Thinking he would not have a long life, he promised me the pool I always wanted because if he didnt survive he knew I would never do it. Well, God is good and he is fine as I turned out to be his perfect match and was able to donate my kidney to him. I remember going to the Home Show and thinking how charming the owners son was so when choosing a pool company we chose Premier. We are so happy with our choice. Now every time we look in our yard my husband and I remember how much we love each other and how precious life and memories we have together are.

Where Did Premier Pools & Spas Meet or Exceed Your Expectations?
They are readily available to address any problems that arise. The men who built the pool take pride in their work and craftsmanship. They look at it as a work of art and it is.

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