What is an Inground Pool?

Different Types of Inground Pools

There are three types of inground pools; fiberglass, vinyl, and gunite. Premier Pools & Spas mainly builds gunite swimming pools. Gunite inground pools are made up of a concrete mixture and a top coat of plaster. Once your professional pool builders excavate a hole into your backyard, they reinforce the ground with re-bard and then apply the concrete mixture on top of all the re-barb. Once the gunite mixture is set, they proceed with a plaster top coat and that has to cure underwater for a few days.

infinity pool

Inground Pool Shapes & Designs

Upon choosing between all the different types of inground pools that you want installed in your backyard, you also have to decide the design of that pool. Here are several different design options you can choose from when making the plans for your new backyard oasis.

Infinity Pools 

This style swimming pool became very popular in homes across the nation these last few years. If you have a gorgeous view in your backyard the infinity edge pool is perfect for you! The infinity pool is also known as the vanishing edge or negative edge pool. It provides a dramatic feature to your swimming pool, and gives off an illusion based effect. It’ll fool the viewer into thinking the water continues into the horizon, when it actually just drops off.

This effect is achieved by the water flowing over the back wall of the pool which drops down into a hidden catch and it recycles back into the swimming pool. Any home that looks over a big landscape, cityscape, ocean or river, this design is meant for you! Premier Pools & Spas pool builders also recommend this design if your home is surround with tall trees or luscious greenery.

Perimeter-overflow Pools

This design is another optical illusion to most people. Take the vanishing edge swimming pool and multiple that by four. The perimeter overflow pool is like a vanishing edge inground pools but it is applied to all sides of the pool. This design makes the swimming pool appear to be flat and apart of the deck surrounding it. Pool builders can achieve this effect with any type of swimming pool.


Gunite MaterialClassic Geometric Pools

Geometric pools are similar to the design of laps pools. They are known for there precise geometric shape. These elegant swimming pools can be equipped with special features like sheer waterfalls, fountain bubblers, and vanishing edges. With the mathematics involved in constructing these master pieces, you can truly achieve any type of classic geometric shape.


Gunite Pools AlabamaFreeform Pools

The name says it all; freeform. This style of inground pool brings out the fun and creative design in a person. Do you want your backyard to look like a resort? how tall or wide can you make it? How many water features can be added to the exterior. This type of pool is commonly known as a family pool. There are so many chances to have fun if this pool is built into a backyard.

There is opportunities for slides and caves, the kids will never get tired of a swimming pool like this. The most unique thing about this pool is that there are no boundaries. The pool can look however you want it to. It doesn’t follow in the steps of a classic geometric swimming pool.

Lap Pools

Lap pools are perfect for the homeowner that loves to exercise and stay fit. This is practically what the lap pool is designed for. Continuous laps back and forth to achieve a hard water resistant workout. For a sleek elegant look, a rectangular shaped pool is always the end goal. This swimming pool shape has never gone out of style.

A lap pool provides a backyard with a simple demeanor and isn’t particularly one that is built if the homeowners have kids. It is simply for a quick dip, or quite relaxing evening. The lap pool is known for its precise cut lines and geometric shape. It’s simple yet elegant and can also be turn into an “L” shape rather than the traditional straight line.

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