When you’re pool is beginning to look a little shabby, you may not always have to replace the entire setup. There are ways that you can upgrade or refresh your pool to make it seem like new and spend less money than if you completely replaced the whole thing. Austin Texas Pool Builders can help you decide what you should do to refresh your pool and if your equipment needs upgrading. These decisions are not always easy, but the right professionals can make the experience less frustrating and even fun!

Repair or Replace?
Before you decide on improving the look of your pool, you should assess the equipment and see if anything needs repairs, upgrades, or complete replacements. If the pool doesn’t work correctly, making it look better isn’t going to improve your investment.
If your pool has a liner, check for any tears or weak spots. This is, of course, best to do when the pool is drained at the end of the season. This assessment will determine if you can repair the tears or if you need to replace the lining altogether.
Tiles, concrete, flagstone, or other materials that your pool is made of can crack and cause drainage problems or seepage. Check these when the pool is drained to determine if individual areas need or can be repaired.
Pumping and filtration systems can become worn out or decrepit. Talk to your Austin Texas Pool Builders specialists to determine if you need an upgrade or replacement for this equipment.

Custom Rock Features

Creating the Best Look for Your Pool
When you’re considering upgrades or a refresh, you may decide to change the entire look of your yard at the same time, and you’ll want to change the look of your pool to comply with the design. You can do this with custom lighting, resurfacing, or even changing the tiles and surroundings of your pool.
Add fountains and custom stonework to the outside of your pool for a dignified and interesting new look.
Use colored lighting inside the pool to create something fun for the kids and guests at barbeques and parties.
Add custom tiling around your pool to refresh the area and make it look like new.
Create housing for your filtration systems to hide them from view.
Resurface your pool for a new look and for easier maintenance.

Add Spa Options to Your Pool
Add a hot tub or a salt water chlorination system to your pool for a spa experience like you’ve never had before. Incorporate a new hot tub structure separate from your pool or attach it to what is already existing and turn your yard design into a luxury experience. Austin Texas Pool Builders can make it happen! Talk to a professional today to learn about the options for your custom pool.