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Gulf Coast Pool and Spa: What to Avoid

What Should I Avoid When Building My Dream Pool?

So you’re ready to build a pool or maybe just ready to think about it, that’s great! Building a Gulf Coast pool and spa can seem overwhelming with all the options available. With these simple steps you can alleviate some confusion and avoid future issues with your pool. Pool Contractors near Me

Possible Mistakes

A gigantic mistake to avoid in pool building and maintenance is skipping on a pool cleaner. A lot of homeowners will pass on this option in order to save hundreds to more than a thousand dollars but at what true cost? This is certainly a convenience tax that is worth it extra spending. Being able to go outside and immediately hop in the pool on a hot day without asking everyone to hold the fun while you scoop leaves is a price to pay. Having a pool cleaner is widely agreed as one of the better investments in pool installation. For your Gulf Coast pool and spa a pressure unit will probably benefit you more, as they are better at sucking up leaves. With today’s technology avoiding chlorinated pools is easier than ever. No more chemical soup hair or skin as you can decide on a salt system, ozone or UV sanitizer system. Chlorinated pools are becoming a thing of the past, thankfully! While salt system sanitizers still have a small amount of chorine produced, choosing salt over blatant chemicals will be a preferable choice to the original. Ozone and UV systems will reduce the amount of chlorine needed and in turn makes for easier pH balancing. Another way to keep your pool clean is using a cartilage filter as opposed to a sand filter. Cartilage can filter smaller particles than sand and there isn’t as much of a loss of water as there is with sand filters. Pool Companies in Las Vegas When deciding what pool pump will work best for your Gulf Coast pool and spa it is imperative to look at the variables of your pool. Sure, a single pump will get the job done, but if you have a customized pool it may be better to go with a double pump or variable-speed pump. This is because if you have an addition of a waterfall, spa, or supplemental circulation system you will absolutely benefit from the extra juice! You’ll save on energy costs and in the long term the pump will last longer. Using LED as opposed to the original incandescent lighting in your pool can bring it from shab to fab! Without a doubt the LED option is superior in every way. From the actual brightness of the light itself to the variation in colors, LED lighting has far grander aesthetic than your basic incandescent bulbs. Using energy efficient LED lights will not only benefit the look of your oasis but also save you money in the future! We brought up convenience earlier in this blog, but what better convenience than automated pool controls for your Gulf Coast pool and spa? From cleaning, to jet use, spa temperature, lighting, water features, and much more having automated controls will make pool owning an absolute breeze. Easy calibration can be done from your tablet, PC, or smartphone! One final word of advice is stray away from original pool plaster such as, marcite plaster. Although used for decades in pools the obvious wear and tear can have you regretting your choice. Vulnerable to etching, discoloration and UV exposure there are much more suitable options for your Gulf Coast pool and spa. Quartz not only looks nicer but it is a more durable substance that does not require as much maintenance. Your pool contractor will gladly discuss your options and go with the most economical and beautiful choice for your pool plaster needs. Inground Pools Louisville

Build a Swimming Pool with Premier Pools & Spas!

Premier Pools and Spas is glad to lend a helping hand when it comes to your Gulf Coast pool and spa decisions. As the industry grows, we grow with it, providing the best options with pricing in your budget. Contact us today to start designing the backyard of your dreams!

Pool Cover: Swimming Pool Fresno CA

Why Have an Automated Pool Cover?

Water conservation, safety, pool cleanliness, energy efficiency and convenience are all benefits of having an automatic pool cover for your swimming pool Fresno CA. A pulley system uses motor driven action that will pull you vinyl cover over the pool. The push of a button or turn of a key enables you to efficiently cover your pool.

Cover Benefits

1. Pool safety is a crucial element when owning a pool, especially if there are young children around. Fences and pool alarms can be great preventative measures but a pool cover can be an added safeguard. Since pool covers are strong and durable they offer the highest safety measure from children and pets falling in. A key is recommended to ensure no button pushing kiddos are able to engage rolling up the pool cover. Although the automatic pool cover will hold some weight, it is not suggested for recreational play. Make sure children know to avoid the area as if there was no pool cover. Note: However great physical barriers are, there is no better barrier than adult supervision. It is never recommended to leave small children unattended near a pool. 2. U.S Department of Energy states that 70% of water loss in pools is attributed to evaporation. A pool cover prevents so much loss. With a pool cover it is said that water loss is decreased by 95%. 3. Another benefit of a pool cover for your swimming pool Fresno CA is energy efficiency. A pool cover can help extend the use of your pool into the cooler months. By trapping in heat your heater does not need to use as much energy maintaining a comfortable swimming temperature. Cut costs down by keeping the warmth in! A pool cover may lower your heating costs by up to 70%. 4. By using an automatic pool cover you block out any dirt ensuring your swimming pool is consistently clean. Even if you do not use your pool cover all day, the time your pool is exposed to debris is significantly cut down. A pool cover is a friend to your pool’s filter making sure you get the longest lifespan of your filter. Same goes with the pool cleaner or any time you spend manually cleaning your pool. 5. Tie down pool covers and mesh pool covers can have their benefits, but the work you put into them may outweigh the benefits. The work needed to unroll and roll up the pool cover makes an automated pool cover a superior choice for your swimming pool Fresno, CA. Instead of having to roll and store the pool cover yourself, an automatic pool cover does the work for you! This convenience will ensure you actually use your pool cover more, reaping all the rewards of owning one.

Need Help With Installing an Automated Pool Cover?

With an initial investment of an automatic pool cover for your swimming pool Fresno CA will save money and time. he overall energy savings and convenience make an automated pool cover a great choice for your pool. Contact Premier Pools and Spas today to discuss adding an automated pool cover for your pool.
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Fiberglass Pool in Charlotte, North Carolina

What’s the Installation Process for Fiberglass Pools?

Working with a fiberglass pool is a quick, easy and economical process. Installing your fiberglass pool Charlotte, North Carolina could be executed within just one week. Here is some information you should know to get the ball rolling on your fiberglass swimming pool. 1. Excavation Site Your fiberglass swimming pool will need construction equipment for excavation. Access to your backyard is pivotal. If your house has powerlines blocking the way for a crane to deliver your pool over your house then there must be enough space on the sides of your house. Some homeowners come to find out that their driveway cannot support the weight of a crane. Knowing where access weaknesses are can be crucial to an expedited construction process of a fiberglass pool Charlotte, North Carolina.   2. Laying Out Your Pool A 3-D design of a fiberglass pool Charlotte, North Carolina will contain the measurements of your pool. This layout sheet is laid out with a string down the middle for positioning. The fiberglass swimming pool will be installed one inch below the patio. This is to leave room for a stone patio and other landscaping opportunities. Discuss what landscaping aspirations you have with your pool builder so they can better plan excavation to suit your needs. 3. Setting Your Pool A fiberglass swimming pool requires large construction equipment which can be both exciting and overwhelming. Luckily, with fiberglass pools the need for a crane is short lived as it only takes about a week to install most fiberglass swimming pools. A crane may be necessary to deliver your pool to its predetermined position. Although some minor adjustments are common, usually once the pool has been lowered into the excavation point the swimming pool is level. 4. Backfilling Backfilling is a process that happens after the contractor has checked for a steady level with your fiberglass swimming pool. This process is important to ensure stability of your fiberglass pool. 5. Plumbing Plumbing a pool is the final step in making your backyard oasis. The experts doing your fiberglass pool Charlotte, North Carolina will have no trouble adding those special plumbing features to your pool. Jets by the seating? No problem! The plumbing will be done with just as much attention to detail as your pool aesthetics.

Fiberglass Pool Charlotte, North Carolina

Leave your worries behind with Premier Pools and Spas fiberglass pools Charlotte, North Carolina! The experts will ensure that everything is thought of along the way. From your design, execution of design and details- small and large Premier Pools and Spas will bring the classic premier standard of quality pools. Transform your outdoor living space with a fiberglass swimming pool within as little as a week! What better way to entertain family and friends than with a cool pool on hot days or a warm, inviting spa on those cool nights. Our top notch customer service is to be expected with our installation of your fiberglass pool Charlotte, North Carolina! Contact Premier Pools and Spas to get a FREE ESTIMATE on a custom fiberglass swimming pool!
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Your North Georgia Pool Contractor

Why Premier Pools And Spas?

Gunite Pools Gallery Wanting to choose the right company for your pool building needs is easy with Premier Pools and Spas. With outstanding professionalism backed up by customer testimonials, Premier Pools and Spas produces the best pools in the nation. This happens when the best of the best come together to provide the ultimate pool building experience. Your North Georgia contractor should be able to check off our list of contractor must haves. Gunite Pool Installation


1. Knowing whether or not a contractor is serious can be objectively decided. If the contractor is truly invested into their company having an actual place of business is important. A location to do business or to perhaps house a show room of potential work shows commitment to the industry and ultimately the community. 2. Customer references are a must. In the age of reviews this should be simple. The customer’s experience is crucial not just the overall outcome of the project. You’ll want to settle on a contractor who will produce you dream design with top notch service. Customer ratings will help determine history of your North Georgia contractor. 3. Find out who the partners are, such as the pool contractor suppliers, sub-contractors, if any, and definitely know which vendors the contractor is using. A good sign of a proper contractor candidate will have a great standing repertoire of each. If they can work well with other people, they can work well with you! 4. One definite thing you want in your North Georgia pool contractor is being a part of the Master Pools Guild, which is a network of the elite 100 pool contractors and builders around the world. With this under their (tool)belt, you’re insured the best of the best when it comes to pool building. Worldwide high rankings do not lie, so trust can be easily be given to a company in the Masters Pools Guild. 5. A contractor’s license is absolutely essential. By law, all contractors must have one. An expert contractor will give you their license number, which you can then look up and verify. This verification gives added reassurance in picking a contractor. 6. Upon receiving your contract, carefully go over the necessary equipment needed to have a functioning pool. A proper contract will ensure your pool does not go without vital equipment to install or maintain your pool. 7. Having the pool builder’s company service your pool is an added benefit. They know the structural design of your pool which makes servicing your pool easier. The contractor will also know the intended use of the pool such as exercising, whether pets or children swim, tanning, relaxing since during the pool building process this is all addressed.       Your pool contractor is the difference between wishes granted and dreams squashed. With this list you can arm yourself with information, giving you the option to pick the best pool contractor in your area. Premier Pools and Spas is repeatedly the top ranking pool building company in the world. Contact us today and we will prove we can check off every number listed above!
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Health Benefits of a Boise Idaho Pool

How Do Pools Aid a Healthy Lifestyle?

Pools offer a lot of benefits that help with good health. Engage in healthy habits with a Boise Idaho pool! Here are some definite reasons why a pool should be just what the doctor ordered: Las Vegas Pool Season 1. Pools are a stress reliever! Relaxing in your pool is a great way to unwind after hectic day or week! Not only does the sound of water relax you, especially if a waterfall feature is added, but the look of an azure pool will calm the stress of the day away. Pools are fun! Having fun and relaxing reduces cortisol levels, which directly results in a healthier and longer life! 2. Risk of Illness Reduced As mentioned before, reducing stress can lead to a longer, healthier life! While reducing stress, your risk of chronic illness or symptoms of chronic illnesses is significantly reduced. 3. Full Body Workout Swimming is a great workout! When you swim you use all your muscles, legs, arms, core back, shoulders and even your hands! This workout option can be great for disabled or elderly persons because of minimal resistance. 4. Good Exercise for Joints Previously mentioned, the exercises in water are low-impact which can be great for sufferers of joint pain. Always consult your physician before engaging in certain exercises. Houston pool builders 5. Swim at Any Age! Everyone can enjoy swimming! Even at a young age, such as six months, children can learn to swim safely. From young to elderly swimming in the pool is always an enjoyable experience. Note: regardless of ability to swim, children should always be under supervision when around a pool. Even with a fence or pool cover, supervision is always advised. 6. Swimming Helps Flexibility Swimming helps stretch in all the right places adding in extra flexibility. 7. May Increase Intelligence An Australian study shows that children who engaged in swimming had better motor skills, confidence, and language development than those who did not. 8. Good Cardio Without Gym A wide range of movement increases flexibility but swimming also reduces blood pressure and increases aerobic capacity. 9. May Relieve Bodily Pain For those with back pain or arthritis swimming is often prescribed. Always consult your doctor before trying a new exercise. 10. Reduces Weight Swimming burns calories! Which means weight loss! So while you are having a blast in your Boise Idaho pool you will also be shedding that weight that can exacerbate chronic illnesses. Learning to swim

Ready to Live a Healthier Life?

Are you ready to add a swimming pool to increase your fun and health by reducing your stress? We are ready to help you! Reduce your stress with the fun of owning a sparkling, beautiful pool. Bring stimulation your children will benefit from by adding a Boise Idaho pool to your backyard. Premier Pools and Spas is a family owned company that cares about your family too! Contact us today to start living a healthier life with the backyard of your dreams!
Pool Features

What to Consider with Additional Water Features

How Will A Charlotte Swimming Pool Contractor Help Me?

When designing a backyard, you will be faced with many variables that may hinder your deliberation when it comes to your pool. An expert Charlotte swimming pool contractor will guide you through all the possibilities for your backyard and new pool. They will know which add on will work and which will not. With so many things to consider when designing a pool, such as aesthetics, intended use of pool, are there children? Here are some key tips to starting off your designing process and some things you won’t want to miss out on. 1. Will your swimming pool be functional for everyone? As mentioned before, many variables go into designing your pool. Some questions you could ask yourself: Will the tanners have tanning, or baja, shelves? Can the elderly manage the steps, or perhaps a beach entry is more suitable? Will a disabled person be able to navigate the pool? If there are children a flat bottomed pool may be better for water games and sports. Want to reap the rewards of water exercise? Perhaps a slide for the kiddos and a spa for the adults? Will you have guests that will not swim, maybe putting in a fire pit will be a warm and welcoming addition to your backyard. National Learn to Swim Day 2. Enjoying the space Be sure that anyone who visits has a place at the pool… or is it table? In this case pool! Make friends and family feel supremely welcomed with enough personalized space for everybody. The adults relax in the pool while children slide down the slide and splish splash in the waterfall. Pets play in the beach entry after laying on the warm deck. Just explain to your Charlotte swimming pool contractor the type of special add on water features that speak to you and, depending on space, they will be able make your dreams come true! 3. Convenience While some people will decide on add on features later, it is convenient having everything from functions to aesthetics finished when you start using your pool. Instead of adding on a spa months later, consider having it put in from the start. This will minimize time spent without access to your pool because of further construction, or prevent you from having to buy a separate spa which won’t be a streamline addition. On top of the optimal pool use when choosing add on features, having your Premier Pools and Spas Charlotte swimming pool contractor apart of every addition in your backyard will help them with pool maintenance. Knowing your pool, spa, and additional water features will give them insight when troubleshooting issues that may arise with your pool. backyard fire pit

Design Your Dream Pool

Add on features for your swimming pool can be the icing on the cake AND the cherry on top. Your Charlotte swimming pool contractor will assist you in picking out the perfect features for your space, giving your backyard the unique look you’ve always dreamed of. Please contact Premier Pools and Spas today for all of your Charlotte swimming pool contractor needs.
Pool Companies in Las Vegas

Top 50 Pool Builders

Who Should You Entrust Building Your Dream Pool?

  Entrusting your vision and budget with a contractor can be nerve racking. With Premier Pools and Spas you will undoubtedly get the best treatment when it comes to building your dream backyard. Pool building experts are eager to design a pool that works for your lifestyle and price point. An unlimited amount of customer testimonials show just how great Premier Pools and Spas service is. With 30 years of experience our pool builders pride themselves in customer satisfaction, completing projects that wow our clients. With franchises all over the nation accommodating your area of Chattanooga is something our company is able and proud to do.


Through our programs we have assisted pool builders in becoming the top in the nation! From Dallas, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia to California our business ethics empower franchisees to become leading experts in the field. In 2003 Pool & Spa News began publishing lists of the leading pool building companies and Premier Pools and Spas has made the list every year. Most of the ranking is in the top 10! When 2012 rolled around, Premier Pools and Spas became the top ranking number one pool building company in the country. Premier Pools and Spas is the sole pool building company to have multiple locations in the top 50 ranking system of pool builders!   swimming pools & spas

From Top To Bottom Satisfaction

Premier Pools and Spas is delighted to empower its employees and franchises to be the best. Exceptional craftsmanship and customer service is the foundation of this family owned company. By employing families this incomparable service is becoming a tradition for Premier Pools and Spas families. Owner, Paul Porter, understands how imperative it is to invest in franchises for the company and industry. “Over the course of the years, my team and I put a lot of work into developing proven systems, processes and procedures to follow. We knew that if we shared this knowledge with other pool builders around the country, it would strengthen our industry as a whole. That’s when I started to offer licensing opportunities”, explains Porter, “When I saw the impact that we had on our licensees and the success that they were achieving, I felt compelled to take it to another level. By being a franchisee, we can offer them more support and a more saleable business.” This impact is felt by the customers and loyal employees of this fantastic company. If building a dream pool is on your list trusting a company can seem daunting. Premier Pools and Spas repeatedly shows this industry what it takes to be the top pool builders in the country. Without a doubt you can trust the capable guidance and execution of plans with our franchisees. Premier Pools and Spas is highly recommended by former clients for its integrity and exceptional outcomes. We are delighted to serve your area of Chattanooga. Contact us today for more information or visit our website to begin designing the pool of your dreams!
Small Fiberglass Pools

Basics for a Pool in Boise

What are Standards for Pool Installation for a Pool in Boise?

Installing a pool in Boise will give plenty of benefits to your home, family, and possibly community! On average, adding a pool to your backyard is estimated to increase the property value by 7%-15%. Adding a pool to your backyard can definitely be an expensive landscaping venture, but the benefits will definitely outweigh that in the long term.   Pool Companies in Las Vegas

What are the Standard Pool Basics?

Size The size of your pool will be determined by the space of your backyard. While it is trending to have a smaller pool, a huge backyard would look incomplete without an expansive pool. The size of your pool will be determined by any specific customizations you will want, such as a diving board or beach entry. • Depth Depth is determined by your lifestyle. If you have small children or pets, a deep pool may seem intimidating. Meanwhile if you are expecting to be diving in the pool, it will have to have a minimum of 8 foot depth. The heat will also determine how deep your pool in Boise should be. • Finishes Pool finishes range from plaster, to quartz, and finally a beautiful pebble finish. Discuss with your pool builder the type of look you will want from your pool, this, along with your budget, will help determine what finish is best for you. • Waterline Tile Choose between glass and ceramic tiles for your waterline, adding great look and ability to determine when waterlines are getting too low or too high. • Lighting Move out of the way incandescent lighting, LED lighting is here to stay. With energy efficiency and overall brighter lighting the LED lighting systems are becoming increasingly popular. Give your pool added flair with LED lighting that can be changed at the push of a button, perfect for giving your party the perfect ambiance.

Special features of a Pool in Boise

Water feature A waterfall can look great with any style of pool, whether modern or lagoon styled. Of course adding a feature like this will add to the budget of your pool design. • Spa A spa is a perfect addition to a pool and can be incorporated in any style you choose. Perfectly compliment your pool in Boise with a relaxing spa.Rocks For a more natural look, such as with lagoon style pools, using real rocks will give a unique look and make your backyard into a naturalistic oasis. Although there are realistic looking artificial rocks, using locally sourced boulders can be cost effective. • Slide A slide is a popular feature for families. • Beach A beach entry is a great option for people with children, pets, or disabled persons. The elderly also enjoy a beach entry as a smooth alternative of entry, as opposed to steps which can be difficult to navigate. Adding a beach entry will, without a doubt, increase cost of the pool.

High End Features

  • Infinity Edge Nothing says upscale like an infinity edge. Take your modern pool to the next level by adding an infinity edge. • Salt Water With added buoyancy you and your family will have a blast in a salt water pool. Lacking in chlorine, a salt water pool is a more natural way to swim!

Build a Pool With Premier Pools & Spas of Boise!

Contact Premier Pools and Spas today to start building your pool in Boise! We have over 30 years of pool building experience and can turn backyard dreams into a reality.
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Installing a Boise City Pool

What You Need to Know for Pool Installation

Here are the top 14 questions that homeowners ask us. Each of these questions are answered by a Premier Pools & Spas professional. We create swimming pools that homeowners dream of. Here are the most common questions that they’ve asked during the pool building process.  


• What are the popular reasons to install a pool? There are many reasons a person would install a pool. From aesthetics, to entertainment, and exercise which can improve your overall quality of life. • Are there any risks when installing a pool? An expert pool builder will ensure there are no risks when installing your pool. An expert pool builder will know the best pool placement in your backyard, keeping in mind drainage and foliage. Be sure your pool builder has references from vendors and sub-contractors as well. • Will a fiberglass pool pop out of the ground? As long as your fiberglass pool has water in it, it will never pop out of the ground. If you are worried about water evaporation, ask your pool builder about installing an automated pool cover. This will help evaporation and also keep your pool cleaner, which means more fun and less hassle! • Are concrete pools stronger than fiberglass pools? No, a fiberglass pool is much more flexible and stronger than a concrete pool. • Are fiberglass pools easier to maintain? Yes, on average fiberglass pools are easier to maintain, especially when your fiberglass pool is equipped with a pool cleaner. • Fiberglass pools have a smooth surface, what are the benefits of that? A fiberglass pool’s smooth surface is not as porous as concrete pools which make them less likely to build up algae. A smooth surface of a fiberglass pool ensures that your skin will not be scraped by the concrete surface and your swim suit will not get torn up! pool contractor Las Vegas • Can salt water be used in a fiberglass pool? Yes, salt water can definitely be used in a fiberglass pool. Salt water pools are becoming more and more popular as a substitute for chlorinated pools. • Will swimming pools increase the value of my home? Swimming pools add a great aesthetic to the home and can increase property value. If looking to sell after a pool has been installed you may want to make sure your pool follows the profile of other pools in your area. • If repairs are needed, can a fiberglass pool be worked on? Most fiberglass pool repairs are simply cosmetic not structural. These can easily be worked on and the repairs are just as strong as before. The repairs can usually be done underwater minimizing an invasive procedure. • Can I move my fiberglass pool to a different location? Yes! When you move your fiberglass pool can tag along! • Are the designs to fiberglass pools limited? No, they can be any length, width, or shape desirable with white or blue options to choose from. • How can you customize a fiberglass pool? LED lighting, infinity edges, mosaic tiles, steps, seats, and much more. See what is best for your lifestyle with your pool builder. • How deep for a diving board? Your pool must be 8 feet for a diving board. Diving boards require additional space. • Are fiberglass pools environmentally friendly? Yes, because they do not need to be re-plastered, do not need chemicals, and does not have a liner resulting in waste in landfills.

The materials you are using to line the pool will significantly impact your Pool Cost Las Vegas. Concrete or gunite pools can cost much more than vinyl

Here to Help You!

Premier Pools and Spas is awaiting your call today! Find out even more about installing a pool in your backyard! Contact Premier Pools and Spas to start building your Boise city pool today!

Natural Waterfall Designs

Do You Hear That?

Waterfalls give an alluring sound that relaxes us, what better way to compliment the beautiful sound than with a beautiful naturalistic setting? A natural waterfall design will suit your Chattanooga swimming pool gracefully. This organic stone setting is able to be adapted to fit all budgets, backyards, and styles. Deciding to go with a natural waterfall design for your Chattanooga swimming pool will give your swimming pool character. The appeal of using natural rock is the unique customizing available that fake rocks just can’t match. Let our experienced pool builders guide you in making the perfect choice for your oasis. Gunite Pools Gallery


Eliminate Rocky Paths To Your Dream Waterfall

If you’re planning on building a lagoon style or tropical style pool in your Chattanooga backyard, a natural waterfall is icing on the cake. Although not the best look for a more contemporary pool, a natural waterfall with precisely cut stones and proper formation can accentuate a sleeker style. Contractors will help in determining where exactly your natural waterfall should be built in order for a design that gets the most out of your backyard. This is determined by your landscaping aspirations and the style and configuration of the actual waterfall. Usually the highest point near your pool will accommodate your natural waterfall. If you’re on a slope this can give the contractor an edge by cutting down on excavation costs by working with the natural structure of your backyard. Have a flat backyard? That will not be a problem, contractors will be able to work around the geological differences of your Chattanooga backyard. A flat backyard will gain dimension with a natural waterfall structure. When constructing your natural waterfall the mason will use an assortment of large and small stones, some rounded, some straight to give you a very organic looking waterfall. If you are going for a more contemporary design, the rocks will need to have a sleeker look making them more uniform in shape and size. The building blocks of these pools will be determined by which region you reside. The Lava stone, moss rock, granite, quartz, flagstone, limestone are some of the usual suspects in building your natural waterfall. Your contractor will suggest you go with an indigenous stone for economic reasons and overall look. The indigenous stones will be more easily acquired as well as budget friendly and the stones are more likely to accent the natural landscape of the area.

How Does The Water Fall?

The options are seemingly endless when it comes to the way your natural waterfall will function. Have you always desired the sound of a babbling brook? Or maybe you prefer the sheer cliff drop off style? Your pool design expert will help you determine how dramatic or soft you want your waterfall to be. When using natural stones this is made easy by adding or limiting dimension in your pool plans. Want multiple falls? Totally cool! We can make that happen with simple design configurations.

Accent Your Waterfall

Waterfall décor is made simple with an addition of the extra boulders of the same type your waterfall is made of. Lights will highlight the dimension of the waterfall and plants will add to the naturalistic look. Your pool building expert will determine which plants will work for your waterfall structure and climate. Remember that pools create their own microclimate which limits what plants will flourish around a pool.

Premier Pools & Spas Can Make Your Backyard Dreams Come True!

Let our pool building team at Premier Pools and Spas give you the natural waterfall of your dreams! Contact us today to start designing your pool today!