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Swimming Pool Building Timeline

How Long Does it Take?

Swimming pool building is a very involved task. From designing to installation, the expert pool builders at Premier Pools and Spas will full heartedly help along the way. To make sure you get everything to want out of your swimming pool dream the contractors will be thorough in the planning process of your swimming pool. So how long will it take? Let us look at some variables that will determine the length of your swimming pool building process.

Swimming pool building is a very involved task. From designing to installation, the expert pool builders at Premier Pools and Spas will full heartedly help along the way. To make sure you get everything to want out of your swimming pool dream the contractors will be thorough in the planning process of your swimming pool. So how long will it take? Let us look at some variables that will determine the length of your swimming pool building process.

  • Finding the Right Pool Builder

Finding the right pool builder is easy with Premier Pools and Spas. As a company, Premier Pools and Spas has been repeatedly at the top of the industry since the early 2000’s. A lot of amazing swimming pool building in the company has been a result of word of mouth contributors. The Premier Pools and Spas customers are so satisfied that they tell their friends and family. Having a pool builder you can trust is crucial when so much of your time and money is being put into a project that will impact your daily life. A good contractor, like Premier Pools and Spas, will have plenty of references from sub-contractors and vendors and will be willing to have those references at your disposal. A long standing relationship with vendors is a great sign of a good contractor.

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  • Design Process

The design process can be grueling, but with an open line of communication, like you get with Premier Pools and Spas Los Angeles, getting exactly what you want is made easy. The design process takes up about 3-6 weeks of the swimming pool building. This may seem like a long time, but the pool builder will want to have many meetings to ensure they are seeing your vision. The expert pool builders at Premier Pools and Spas will determine any set backs like power lines, septic tank, property lines, and wells. To be prepared for the building process, knowing about possible disadvantages sooner, rather than later, will save time and money in the long run.


  • Installation of Swimming Pool

Finally! Construction time! With the perfect design in place and all possible issues accounted for, the swimming pool building can actually begin. Excavation happens, revealing a big ole hole in the ground. During this time is when plumbing and electrical necessities are installed. Depending on the type of swimming pool you decide on, whether gunite, fiberglass, or vinyl, is the determining factor in how long construction will last. Fiberglass pools can be installed in less than a week, while vinyl and gunite, or concrete, pools take longer because of how the swimming pools are built.

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Are We There Yet?

Contact Premier Pools and Spas Los Angeles for your swimming pool building needs. Their experts will explain every step of the process so you do not feel left out. Understanding your design dream is their top priority. Have the swimming pool of your dreams in just a matter of months with Premier Pools and Spas! Contact Premier Pools and Spas for your FREE ESTIMATE!

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Best Pool Builders in Los Angeles

Who are the Top Pool Builders?

Premier Pools and Spas has consistently been apart of the top pool builders in the world, which means Premier Pools and Spas has the top pool builders in Los Angeles. From the 40 locations nationwide, Premier Pools and Spas delivers the highest quality in customer service and pool production. If you’re familiar with the hit TV show, Pool Kings, you are familiar with the spectacular pools built by Premier Pools and Spas. Pool and Spa News has repeatedly named Premier Pools and Spas in the top 50 pool builders in the country since the early 2000’s. This family run company cares about your family and delivering the best product to your backyard.

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Top 50 Pool Builders

With the Premier Pools and Spas training programs and franchising, Premier Pools and Spas has assisted pool builders in becoming the top in the nation!  Texas to Atlanta to California business ethics of Premier Pools and Spas empower franchisees to become leading experts in the field. In 2003 Pool & Spa News began publishing lists of the leading pool building companies and Premier Pools and Spas has made the list every year. Most of the ranking is in the top 10! When 2012 came around, Premier Pools and Spas was the top ranking number one pool building company in the country. Premier Pools and Spas is the sole pool building company to have multiple locations in the top 50 ranking system of pool builders!


Apart From the Rest

Separating Premier Pools and Spas from the rest is easy and because of the dedicated pool builders in Los Angeles, and the rest of the country. The expert pool builders in LA associated with Premier Pools and Spas will efficiently install your swimming pool with all the bells and whistles your heart desires. Your pool builder in Los Angeles will educate you on what would be best given your space, lifestyle, and price range. Superior customer satisfaction gives Premier Pools and Spas the majority of their clients by customer referrals. That fact should speak for the quality of work that Premier Pools and Spas delivers. The line of communication is always open between you and your expert pool builder in Los Angeles which ensures you get exactly what you want and you know what is happening at all times. An expert pool builder in Los Angeles should have vendor references and a high customer satisfaction rating. Premier Pools and Spas will gladly provide both so you can have the confidence needed to engage the pool building endeavor.

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The professionalism and skill that Premier Pools and Spas delivers is incomparable. Their pool builders in Los Angeles will take into account all of your needs and wishes when it comes to building your dream oasis. You will not miss out on a design opportunity and will get the most bang for your buck. The supreme reputation that Premier Pools and Spas holds stands the test of time. Trust Premier Pools and Spas as your pool builders in Los Angeles. Contact Premier Pools and Spas to start designing or remolding your backyard today!

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How to Save Money on Pool Expenses

Aren’t We All Trying to Save?

Saving money is a smart move! Enjoy your pool to the fullest by choosing to save on money on pool expenses. An initial investment in your pool is necessary, which make be a little pricey. The long term cost benefits will outweigh your initial investment. Premier Pools and Spas is here to help your save long term. Lower the amount of your bills by these energy efficient options. If you already have an existing pool, that is okay! You can replace and save with the help of the expert pool builders at Premier Pools and Spas.


Where to Start?

pool tiles

You can start the decision process by first assessing your swimming pool equipment. The pool pump plays a significant role in the health of your pool. If your pool pump is outdated or a single speed pump, the pool pump may not be efficient enough. A bad pool pump can cost you money, so think about your ability to save money on pool expenses by replacing an outdated one or going with a multiple, or variable, pool pump from the start. The variable pool pumps are 90% more efficient. Another pump to replace or decide on during the design process is a heater pump. A heater pump will save money on pool expenses by being more reliable and long lasting, in spite of the upfront costs a heat pump is a true investment.

The Little Things

The little things can really add up, especially in the beginning of your pool design and build process. Decide what is important to you with your pool builder, especially when it comes to pool maintenance. If you decide to be a hands on pool owner, knowing these things is very important. Adding a pool timer to your pool can make your filter automatic and consistent in cleaning. This makes so your pool is swim ready at all times. A pool timer on the filter is also helpful for time spent maintaining your pool. Other little things to save you time and energy is a pool cover. Pool covers come in different options, yay more decisions, you can get a manual tie down pool cover or an automated pool cover that do the work for you. Again, it’s really all about convenience! A pool cover will keep the temperature more stable by trapping in heat or keeping heat out. The pH balance will be more stable because of less debris getting into the pool water.

Water Slides

Premier Pools and Spas wants you to have the best experience when it comes to your swimming pool or spa. Enjoy life’s pleasures and save money on pool expenses. If your pool is already built, Premier Pools and Spas’ pool experts will gladly help you update your existing pool. If you’ve always wanted a pool and do not know where to start, Premier Pools and Spas is here to gladly go through the design process step by step. Contact Premier Pools and Spas today to stat designing the pool of your dreams!


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Swimming Pool Chemicals Myths

Truth or a Work of Fiction?

Swimming pool’s have a multitude of myths behind them, especially when it comes to swimming pool chemicals. Keep the family safe with these three myths busted.

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So, What are the Myths?

  • Pool Water is Safe to Drink Because it’s Disinfected 

Pool water should never be consumed, but accidents happen and it is not anything to worry about. Teach your child to avoid getting pool water in their mouth. Swimming pool chemicals fluctuate, if there is a lot of people in the pool this can intensify.

  • Chlorine is bad

Did you know chlorine has been in our drinking water since 1908? Yes, the very chlorine that has been used in swimming pool chemicals according to the Water Quality and Health Counsel. Chlorine is fine to use in a swimming pool and to ingest in small amounts. When used properly, chlorine will mix with other swimming pool chemicals and keep the pool water healthy for swimming.

  • Red Eyes = Too Much Chlorine

Many people think that red eyes is because of too much chlorine. Red eyes after swimming is abnormal and indicates a pH imbalance in the swimming pool. Yes, red eyes means you need more swimming pool chemicals in the pool, not less! Usually this means there is a high pH level or a high chloramine level.  If this is the case, more chlorine is necessary to level out the pH imbalance.

So, Any Alternatives?

Yes! There are options, you may have heard about, that substitute the need for as many swimming pool chemicals. Such as Premier Pools and Spas’ Premier Pure System. The Premier Pure System uses copper and silver to purify your pool. 90% less chlorine is used during the process. There are also salt water pools that are growing increasingly popular. The salt water pool has been shown to save money over the course of a few years, as opposed to a chlorinated pool. Similar to the Premier Pure System, a salt water pool uses significantly less swimming pool chemicals. The swimming pool chemicals these two types of pools do use are more natural and your body may notice the difference. These two types of pools have been known to cause less overall irritation, especially those with sensitive skin.


Build a Pool with Premier Pools & Spas!

Premier Pools and Spas wants you to be informed during your decision process when designing your pool. When properly cared for, a swimming pool that uses swimming pool chemicals will do no harm to you or you family. Even if there is an imbalance with pH levels the effects are usually not too severe. Keeping up with your pool maintenance is crucial to ensure a safe chemically balanced environment for you and your family. Having regular pool maintenance done on your pool is important for the health of the pool, this can be done yourself or by a pool maintenance specialist from Premier Pools and Spas. While most swimming pools are being built with alternative cleaning processes in place, cleaning your pool with swimming pool chemicals, such as chlorine, is not dangerous. Contact Premier Pools and Spas for more information or to start the designing process of your dream pool toady!

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LA Swimming Pool Features

What Are Some Ways to Make Your Pool Stand Out?

Swimming pool features are a fantastic way to spruce up your pool space. While having a pool in general is a wonderful way to enhance your life, adding swimming pool features will give your pool that upscale look you’ve always wanted. Large or small, there are plenty of swimming pool features to make your pool stand out from the rest.


Swimming Pool Features

A diving board is a great addition to a swimming pool, but do not let your imagination stop there. A water slide is a step up from a diving board and can really add to the aesthetic of the pool area. Another great swimming pool feature is a tanning shelf, also known as a baja shelf, which is a great way to stay cool while catching those rays this summer. A tanning shelf is a nice space for small children and pets to enjoy the cool water safely. NOTE: Always supervise children and pets in pool area, pool safety is important!

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Pool lighting is essential. Not just for extended swimming time but also to create that special atmosphere. Using energy efficient LED lighting will give your pool a high end look. With your smart phone, tablet, or computer you can easily change the settings for your LED lighting to be on a timer, specific color, or mode. LED lighting is not the only way to light up your backyard, a warmer touch of light could come from the beautiful addition of a fire feature. A fire pit with extra seating around it makes for a great swimming pool feature. Light up those waterfalls with a fire feature to wow your friends and family. An outdoor fire place will give guests a place to relax while you cook in your outdoor kitchen. This step back in time from LED lighting will keep you warm while gently lighting the area with natural flickering light.

Other great swimming pool features is a patio which matches the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. As mentioned before, an outdoor kitchen will give a place of entertainment and functionality. Adding on features outside of the swimming pool will make the area fun for everyone. Don’t exclude the non pool users and add features that are cozy and welcoming. These added swimming pool features will extend the use of the swimming pool area. From daily use, weekly use, and year long use you will notice the added benefits of these features.

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Swimming pool features do not have to be apart of an existing design plan. While it is easiest to add swimming pool features to a design plan from the start, our expert pool builders can incorporate features to your swimming pool, even if your pool was not installed by us. Having swimming pool features extends your pool use and the fun to be had by all! Ensure year long entertainment for you, your family, and your friends with special features. Contact Premier Pools and Spas Los Angeles to start designing the pool of your dreams today!


Pool Deck Design Additions

Wintertime Sadness?

So summer is over, the cool air brings in shorter days and less sunshine. This does not mean your backyard will become useless! If anything you are able to create a whole new experience for friends and family to enjoy. Wintertime can be the perfect time to add new features to your pool deck design. Create that inviting space next to the water that your friends and family will enjoy well past the colder months. Freshen up your pool deck design with these wonderful options:

Water Features

Water features are a great way to add pizzazz to an existing or future pool deck design. A waterfall is not only a beautiful sight but the soothing sounds it creates adds to the ambiance. Our expert pool builders at Premier Pools and Spas will be able to adjust the waterfall’s sound to tweak the sound to your specific preference. Whether you prefer a babbling brook or rushing water, a waterfall addition to your pool deck design ensures relaxation and soothing sounds. To dazzle the senses, add a fire feature to accommodate your waterfall for a high end look.

Outdoor Rooms

If you have an existing pool, you probably already entertain friends and family throughout the summer months. With the addition of an outdoor room you can keep the entertainment going all year long. An outdoor space usually has an open cover or gazebo type cover. This space adds additional seating and provides a great opportunity for guests to converse poolside while listening to the beautiful sounds of a waterfall. Take it one step further with a firepit to stay warm on those cooler nights.

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Lighting Features

As mentioned before, during the winter months the sun is distant and fleeting. After the sun retreats for the day, there is no better way to brighten up the night than with a  lighted pool deck design. Set your pool deck design apart from the others with lighting lining the pool deck. With LED lighting options you can set the mood with different color options that are accessible with your smart phone, tablet, or computer. LED lighting is energy efficient, therefore keeping your backyard lit up all year long does not have negative effects to your energy usage. Turn your backyard into the atmosphere of your dreams with the perfect lighting.

pool renovationsEndless Pool Deck Design Options

At Premier Pools and Spas Los Angeles you will receive the best service in the industry. From your pool deck design process to the construction of your pool to your pool maintenance you are in the best hands in the industry. Whether adding to an existing pool deck design or starting from scratch, incorporating extra features for your pool deck design will make your pool area usable year round! Do not limit yourself to the seasonal pool months, enjoy your hard earned space with your friends and family anytime you want. The only choice you need to make when it comes to enjoying your pool area will be what is better, summer or winter? Contact Premier Pools and Spas Los Angeles to start designing the pool area of your dreams!

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Pool Shape Options for Your LA Pool

What Are My Pool Shape Options?

With a variety of materials at your disposal, pool shape options may seem like a daunting task. If you’re a positive thinker, so many different options will enable you to design a pool that is completely unique to your specifications. If you’re unsure on how to even start designing your pool, we suggest matching the design with the look of your home.

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Let’s Start With the Basics

Traditional Pools
Traditional pools are, well, the most traditional and commonly built. In traditional pools you will find that the shapes are usually rectangular or kidney shaped. If a spa is built into a traditional pool they are generally raised with the spa flowing into the pool. The water color is that of a natural pond or lake, a very pretty blue.

Modern Pools
If you have a modern style home, going with a modern styled pool would keep the aesthetic cohesive. Modern style pools are composed of geometric shapes and clean lines. Mosaic tiles are used to add vibrant colors to the pools. These pools are poured concrete typically. Modern pools look fantastic with LED lighting. Tiled waterfalls will give your pool an added ambiance. With modern styled pools, spas are inset into the design to keep up with that modern flow you may desire. Sleeked out tanning chairs will give a upscale look to your deck.

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Tropical Pools
Tropical pools are the supreme relaxation pools. Bringing an air of “you’re on vacation”, tropical pools are outfitted with waterfalls made from natural rock. A hallmark of a tropical pool is, of course, palm trees and other tropical plants. Boulders surrounding the perimeter of the pool is part of the style. These pools are extravagant in nature. Waterslides through lush greenery bordered by boulders is another common sight with a tropical pool design. Adding mosaic tiles to the bottom of the pool and planters around the pools edge gives tropical pools an extra flair.

Mediterranean Pools
Mediterranean pools characteristically have a beautiful azure color and the classic Roman or Greek shape. Decking for Mediterranean pools are usually stones which will correlate with the stones used in your home if applicable. This ensures a beautiful transition from your home to outside living area. Brightly colored tiles are a nice addition to accent the waterline. Waterfalls and fountains can be a beautiful add on to your Mediterranean pool. Rounded spas are popular with these style pools because of the shape of the pools. Classic styled pools are rectangular with rounded edges typically.

With whatever pool shape options you go for, Premier Pools and Spas is here to make the best pools in the industry. Your expert pool builder will help you decide which pool shape options is best for your space and budget. Don’t forget to experiment with designs. Bringing in modern elements to a traditional pool will make your pool unique to you! Or maybe a tropical design with a splash of Mediterranean! Premier Pools and Spas will use experience and excellent customer service to create the best pools around. Contact us today to start designing your dream backyard!

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Pool Exercises in LA

How Many Laps Can One Person Do?

For some people laps in the pool is fine, but for others doing lap after lap can seem monotonous. There are plenty of pool exercises in LA for you to substitute laps with. Whether your pool can fit two, ten or twenty people there are a multitude of ways to shed those excess pounds. The great thing about exercising in your swimming pool is the low impact, high resistance training that you get which is great for our beloved senior citizens. With the exercise options below, you can noodle your way to fitness in no(oodle) time.

Water Aerobics


Pool Noodle Exercises for Your Pool Exercises in LA!

Noodle Press Down

The noodle press down may require the help of water weights for a better workout, but this workout can effectively target shoulder areas. With your noodle in front of you, push it down until it reaches your legs.

Noodle Plank

While planks are a fantastic way to get those perfect abs sometimes getting into the position of a proper plank can prove difficult. With a noodle and water this exercise becomes much easier. When you’re in the swimming pool, hold the pool noodle in front of you, pushing down until you’re in a plank position. Be sure to hold your body in a straight line for about 30 seconds, or longer if you can manage, the longer the better!

Water Aerobics

Noodle Knee Tuck

Mastered the noodle plank? A noodle knee tuck may be perfect for your pool exercises in LA if the noodle plank has become too easy for you. You will start in your noodle plank position, body straight, engaging core, then tuck your knees up to your chest and kick out. Your body is receiving resistance on both sides of the workout so you’re achieving a great workout with the noodle knee tuck.

Noodle Crunch

Another way to engage your core is a noodle crunch. Use the pool noodle to support your arms while keeping your legs straight then pull your legs to your chest. Not being on a stable surface makes your ab muscles work harder because the muscles need to stabilize vertically and horizontally.

Noodle Flyback

This pool exercises in LA starts with you sitting on your pool noodle, either like a swing or sit like you’re riding a bike. While holding your arms straight out, sweep back and forth to move from one side of the swimming pool to the other. You get a great chest and back workout with this exercise if you only use your arms, but if needed using your legs in a bicycle kick can help.


Contact Premier Pools and Spas!

Staying healthy is important! Adding a swimming pool to your backyard can reap benefits both mentally and physically. Get or stay fit with these pool exercises in LA. The exercises listed above can be done in an expansive pool or a small plunge pool. At Premier Pools and Spas, our expert pool builders will gladly help you build the pool of your dreams while keeping your fitness needs in mind. Premier Pools and Spas encourages healthy lifestyles, call today to start designing the pool of your dreams and to start your journey to pool exercises in LA!

Your Family Pool and Spa Gulfport

On the Ledge?

Having a tanning ledge for your family pool and spa Gulfport will give your pool one more use. No more cooking in the heat. Relax your body on a specially made ledge, designed to get that glow you’ve been dying to have while keeping your body submerged in the cool waters of your pool. Tanning ledges are an easy addition to a pool that serves multiple purposes.

Which Ledge is the Best Ledge?

Having a tanning ledge gives plenty of added benefits to your pool, but which tanning ledge is best for your lifestyle and design? Do you have children or elderly to accommodate? Do you have pets that will, no doubt, be using the pool and therefore the tanning ledge? There are different types of tanning ledges to choose from. Opt for a smaller ledge that is easily added to the design of your family pool and spa Gulfport. This tanning ledge can be put anywhere along the edge of your pool, dipping into the pool is made easy, especially when the tanning ledge is in the deep end. Since you’re already in the water there is not a huge shock from heat to cool, so cooling off your body or getting a little exercise is easy!

Swimming Pool Builder

Another great option for a tanning ledge for your family pool and spa Gulfport is a larger tanning ledge. With this tanning ledge you can add lounge chairs for those who do not want to get wet but may want to dip their toes in. Or a tanning ledge can offer a unique sitting area. A larger ledge can act as a great shallow space for young children and pets to safely play.
Beach entries, a sloped entry way that takes the place of steps, have a multiple purposes, one being a tanning ledge. If your family pool and spa Gulfport is a tropical lagoon style pool, beach entries are very popular. They can be great for water nervous children, disabled persons, or the elderly. With the gradual immersion into the water, using a beach entry as a tanning ledge is a no brainer. Ask your expert pool builder if a beach entry would complement your pool design and lifestyle. Sometimes a pool design or limited backyard space will not accommodate a beach entry.

pool service companyDefinitely On the Ledge

Whether your tanning ledge will be used by you, your children, or your pets, you’ll find that it can be a beneficial addition to your pool design. We highly recommend this very much used platform. With different design options your pool builder will be able to fit a tanning ledge easily into your family pool and spa Gulfport design. Relaxing is made easy when you can simply sit in the water on a sunny day while soaking up the rays effortlessly. Adding a tanning ledge will give your children a safe space, both physically and mentally, to play in. Your pets will have a way to cool off while romping around the backyard without having to jump into the pool directly. To get started on your tanning ledge, contact Premier Pools and Spas today!

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Shaping Your Fresno Inground Pool

What is the Best Shape for My New Fresno Inground Pool?

From where your pool will be located to what materials you will use during your pool designing process there will be some options to weigh. Your pool’s shape is a biggie! Function and aesthetics both have roles to play in your pool and your Fresno inground pool shape hits both. Pool experts will be able to assist you in determining which pool shape is best for your Fresno inground pool. While kidney shaped and rectangular pools are popular starting points, your pool builder can adjust the design to be more functional for your lifestyle.

pool contractor Las VegasDeciding Your Fresno Inground Pool Shape

What pool shape you will go with will be based on the desired functionality of your pool. Early on you may have your heart set on a shape that just will not work for your future use or backyard space. Evaluating your specific needs with your pool builder will play a role in the shape of your pool. Additions to your Fresno inground pool can be cause for change in shape. Some decisions to go over with your pool builder may be:
1. How much space you have for your pool. Where in the backyard will it be and what size do you want your pool?
2. How big do you want your patio and deck to be?
3. Do you plan to reserve existing landscape or add on landscape features post pool installation?
4. Planning on adding a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or related addition to your pool whether now or in the future? Where in relation to your pool do you want these add ons?
5. Who will be using the pool? Adults, children, elderly, or pets? Does your pool need to be disability friendly?

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6. What sort of activities will your pool hold? Diving? Swimming laps? Entertaining friends? Pool sports?
7. How deep do you want your pool? Do you want a deep end? Or deep in the middle with shallow ends?
8. Determine the style of your pool. Want it to match your house? Do you want contemporary? Lagoon style? Sleek? Traditional?
9. Which structural and decorative features do you desire for your pool? Waterfalls, LED lighting, multilevel decking, or a beach entry are great additions but should be thoroughly discussed with your pool builder.
10. Do slides, tanning ledges, or a diving board strike your fancy?
11. If using a pool cover, would an automatic slide cover be best for your Fresno location?
12. If you may be moving within a few years, your pool absolutely will be a determining factor in selling. See if the pool style matches that of other pools in the neighborhood.

Build a Pool With Premier Pool & Spas!

Other factors that may determine your pool shape is local building codes and home owners association regulations. Your budget will also help you determine what size and shape you should shoot for. If on a limited budget, your pool builder will most likely suggest a curved shape. Ultimately, your pool goals will have a huge say in what shape you decide on. Let Premier Pools and Spas help in designing your dream backyard today!