You do not need to go far from home to enjoy all the excitement of a camping tour. In fact, you do not need to travel further than your yard. Rather than having your car packed with games, gear, food and trekking miles to an isolated area in the woods, you can bring some stuff outdoors and set up camp. Below are a few of the most affordable, fun and easy ways to enjoy backyard camping during summer:

backyard camping

Swim in the pool

If you own a large above ground or in-ground pool, you understand how relaxing they may be on during summer. If not, there are many options that will fit in a small space in the backyard. From plastic kiddie swimming pools, which are great for babies and kids or to just cool your feet in an inflatable wading pool or huge soft-sided pools, which can be filled every summer and removed at the end of the season, you will find many types to pick from.


After sunset, you can take a blanket and spread it out in your yard, then lie down and gaze at the stars. You can try to make your campers identify shooting stars and constellations. Another exciting way to enjoy the stars is to make your names for patterns of stars, which you see in the night sky. The experience can be even more enjoyable by using a telescope.

backyard camping

Get a water table

Perhaps you do not have room for a swimming pool, or perhaps your children simply need various fun-based activities to keep them engaged. Regardless of what the case might be, if your children love water but are not considering to go swimming, then a water table may be a good option.

Water tables are available in various sizes and shapes. They are good for building offering children some sensory stimulation, building fine motor and imagination skills.

Pitch a Tent

To offer your backyard camping experience a genuine feel, put up a tent in a flat spot in your backyard. If you do not have a tent, set up a temporary one by tossing a sheet or blanket over a clothesline or other structure. You can use stakes to pin down the tent so as to give it shape. However, use caution: A home made tent may not withstand rain, so you need to watch the weather forecast.

backyard camping

Image source: Kitchen remodeling

Enjoy backyard barbecue with friends

Everybody loves a good backyard barbecue. Whether it is just your children and their neighborhood pals or even some couples you like hanging out with, the perfect weather, grilled food, and refreshments is a good way to enjoy your backyard camping.

From potato chips to smoked meat, corn on the cob, watermelon, hot dogs, and steak, the list of food options for most barbecues is quite standard. However, you can make anything you want, and serve it while lounging around the deck with a few drinks on ice and everybody’s sure to have fun.

The options for backyard camping activities are limitless. The details mentioned above are just some of our favorite ideas and a great choice to meet the interests of children and adults off all age groups.

Backyard camping – Vacation this summer in your own backyard

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