Narrow Landscapes & Lap Pools

What is a lap pool? A lap pool is (typically) a swimming pool primarily built and used for fitness and health purposes. Lap pools are usually long and narrow, and ideally at least 45 feet in length. As residential lots have become smaller and smaller, lap pools have gained in popularity. Since Premier Pools & Spas can customize any design you see fit for your residential oasis. Gone are the days of being handcuffed to a square-cookie cutter swimming pool design. These days, we can build you the pool of your dreams while accommodating your backyard size and theme. That includes you if you have a narrow or small backyard. Not quite sure what a narrow swimming pool looks like? Take a look at this trend taking over the pool world!

lap-pool-3Image: Harold Leider Landscape Architect

Lap Pools: Set the Mood with Lighting

Not only can it save you money. But LED lights can give a stunning look. Pools that glisten and sparkle in the sunlight take on a different visual allure at night with atmospheric lighting. Consider this rectangular water feature with cascading fountains and spray jets, a tile bridge and areas for lap swimming or wading.

When planning or constructing a lap pool, think about the following:

  • If there is room, consider adding an integrated spa, which extends the enjoyment of the pool and can economize on space if you desire both a pool and a hot tub in your backyard. After a few laps you can relax your muscles in the warm water and jets!
  • Premier Pools & Spas wants to know: When will you most likely use the pool? In the morning, afternoon, or evening? Really think about this, because it can affect how you heat your lap pool. Do you plan on using it just in the spring and summer, or all year? This can make a difference when building a heating unit into your lap pool. We can help decide!

lap-pool-2Image: Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture

Lap Pools can take on a “Tropical Feel”

Adding tropical landscaping to your lap pool can transform a narrow pool into a tropical oasis and hideaway from the real world! A perfect addition to the tropical surroundings is this stylish pool with bluestone surfacing, French Grey Diamond Brite interior and Ming Green marble tile.

Simplicity: Long and Lean Lap Pool

Lap Pool

Image: TaC Studios, Architects

Here is one inspired solution to a deep narrow lot – a pool that runs the length of the house and also functions as a showcase water feature.

If you’ve got a small or narrow backyard, we can assist!

“Spools,” or small pools are making a big splash. Perfect to fit on smaller properties and can fit a smaller budget. These small pools make a large impact.

Interested in Your Own Stylish Lap Pool Design?

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