Recognized as one of “The Fascinating Towns of the Palm Beaches,” Boca Raton is regarded as the first resort destination in America. Most of its occupants own homes here with second homes in other states in the U.S.

Your swimming pool has to be the focal point of your landscape, and the surrounding plants you choose to complement it really make a difference. When you are landscaping around a swimming pool, it is essential to give consideration to the design of the pool, its shape, and style. Also, the architecture of your home helps to determine the right plants that you may need around your swimming pool.

Boca Raton

For example, a Mediterranean-style home and swimming pool with a vanishing edge will require a totally different plant palette shade compared to a conventional home with a square, edged swimming pool.

Best plants for around a swimming pool in Boca Raton

Let us explore some popular types of plants that you can pair with a linear swimming pool dropped with a Mediterranean background. Below are four plants that can create a clean landscape with a variety of white accents and green textures to complement the Mediterranean architecture.

Ilex ‘schillings dwarf’

This slow-growing shrub may be nicely trimmed into a ball shape to match up with the lowering natal plum and slim, tall cypress. These poolside plants are excellent for edging a hardscaped area or lining walkways. The Schillings Dwarf is versatile and provides a formal, maintained appearance that blends well with a Mediterranean-style property. They are also drought-tolerant.

Round and tall cypress trees

Round and tall cypress trees provide some privacy and also add height to your pool landscape. Cypress trees grow fast, so you will attain screening fast after planting. Italian cypress is especially slim and complements a Mediterranean background. These stylish, narrow trees can act as anchors in the landscape.

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Asian snow

This small shrub blooms with beautiful small white flowers all year round. You will at all times have an exquisite pop of white in your Mediterranean landscape with this plant. In a mainly green landscape, this top poolside plant performer offers just enough color interest without drawing attention from the swimming pool as a focal point.

Natal plum

Fragrant natal plum bushes feature waxy, thick green leaves that are salt-tolerant, which makes them a good option for your Mediterranean landscape. Natal plums produce small, white flowers and red fruits, so your poolside landscape will have different colors for added beauty. What we as well love about the natal plum is the way it works as a pool-friendly plant at the poolside and in containers. They are widely used as hedge plants and add texture to the landscape.

Boca Raton

For in-style swimming pool landscaping ideas, begin with reef tropical

The design of your swimming pool is an important consideration when choosing the ideal poolside plants to landscape the surrounding areas. The objective is to have a flowing landscape design that enhances your property, swimming pool, and the whole outdoor experience.

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