A gunite pool in Alabama is a gorgeous high-end asset that will beautify any Alabama backyard. But things can become a bit confusing due to all the maintenance involved in keeping the swimming pool area looking great. Here are a few tips for maintaining your gunite pool.

Gunite Pools Alabama

Care for pool filter

Clear, clean water, is important for anybody with a swimming pool. The pool filter deals with impurities present in the water. This include small objects, leaves, and dirt. The filtration system picks the smaller particles, but you can remove the larger pieces of debris from the pool manually. This eliminates the need to put the pool filter to work. Keeping the pool filter on permanently might put a strain on the pool pump. Rather, install a timer and set to operate automatically for 5 to 6 hours daily.

A usually ignored, but essential, part of pool maintenance is cleaning your pool filter regularly. The right maintenance of the filtration system involves cleaning of the filter basket every week. It also involves cleanup of the pipes used by the system every month. Consult our professional pool technicians to help make sure that your filter gets regular care.

Right levels of chemicals

Levels of chemicals are the most important part of pool maintenance. If you don’t balance your pool water, it can trigger eye and skin irritation. Furthermore, if you don’t care for your gunite pool it can become the ideal breeding place for all types of bacteria.

Make sure you test the pool at least once a week. Tests include the number of total dissolved solids, the concentration of cyanuric acid in the pool water, the level of total alkalinity, the calcium hardness of the water, pH level, and the concentration of chlorine in the water.

Gunite Pools Alabama

Scrubbing and skimming regularly

One of the easiest chores involved in pool maintenance is skimming the pool. The pool’s interior should be continually cleaned, which can turn out to be an exhausting task. You can install devices to automate this task. On the other hand, the best Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast pool maintenance service will make sure that these chores are up-to-date. Whether you choose an automatic pool skimmer or cleaner, it is best if you get your gunite pool regularly checked by our pool experts.

Skimming helps to ensure that large debris doesn’t end up in your pool’s filtration system. Scrubbing the pool’s sides also helps prevent the build-up of algae.

Remember to maintain the pool water levels

When your pool’s water levels begin to drop, your swimming pool will need refilling. During the summer season, water evaporates quickly, and unless there’s a ready automatic water supply, you will have to use a hose to top it off. This will ensure that skimmers function properly. Remember to balance the chemicals again later on.

Gunite Pools Alabama

Looking for a Pool Contractor in Alabama?

Regardless of what your gunite pool needs, Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast is here to help. With cost-effective and customized maintenance plans, gunite pools installation, repairs, and maintenance of pool equipment, we’ll provide you with a solution for every swimming pool need. Our team of pool builders, pool maintenance and cleaning professionals will always give the best quality of customer support. Give us a call today!

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