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Why You Need a Robotic Pool Cleaner

When you own a swimming pool, it is in your best interest to also keep it clean. Keeping up with your swimming pool maintenance is very important, especially for the durability of your swimming pool. That’s why you need something to help you clean your pool. Not only is hiring a professional pool service company

How Does A Salt Water Pool System Work?

Thinking about upgrading your swimming pool system? Switching to a salt water pool system is a great choice, and it has a lot of benefits. Most pool owners think a salt water pool is just ocean water when that is not the case. Salt water pool systems are just another way to clean your swimming

Why Do My Eyes Burn After Swimming?

Building a swimming pool in your backyard is a great addition for many homeowners. Owning a swimming pool is the perfect way to cool off and have fun. Sometimes, you hear kids say their eyes are irritated, burning, or itchy. It may fade over time, but in some cases it persists. So, how do pools burn

How Can a Pool Leaf Cover Help You?

Are you suffering from unwanted dirt and debris in your swimming pool? Do you constantly have to net out large leaves? You may be in need of a pool leaf cover. What is a pool leaf cover? A pool leaf cover is a device that was designed to prevent leaves and debris from falling into your

A Few Pool Maintenance Tips for your Inground Swimming Pool

If you own a inground pool, you know all the work that goes into keeping it sparkly clean and enjoyable. You have a regular maintenance routine, and schedule out your time to clean your pool. However, you may be making more work for yourself! Here are a few pool maintenance tips that will make your

How much does pool maintenance cost?

Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a new swimming pool. Now you have to decide if you want to keep track of all of that maintenance yourself, or hire a professional pool service. Here are some basic things to know about what's involved in pool maintenance to help you make your decision, and why Premier Pool

How to Fix Green or Cloudy Pool Water

Despite what many pool owners may think, the secret to clean and clear swimming pool water is more complicated then just balancing the chlorine and pH levels. Sometimes that alone just isn't enough. What do you do when you are faced with cloudy pool water? Or how about if you are confronted with green pool