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New pool finishes to complete your backyard

A lot of planning, material choice, and effort go into building a pool. But regardless of the pool's decorative features and design, pool finishes will transcend the complete design and play a huge role in how appealing the pool is. Whether you want to resurface your existing pool's aging plaster or select the finish for

Best plants for landscaping around your pool

Landscaping around your pool is a good opportunity to create a relaxing oasis in your outdoor space. If you have a pool, go the extra mile and get really complementary plants. There are many challenges that you should deal with when landscaping. To start with, to create the gorgeous oasis look the plants need to

Water workouts that really burn the fat

When some people choose to get in shape, the first thing is to renew or get their gym membership. However, you do not need to transform your body by going to the gym. Actually, you may have the best results with things you like to do, such as going for a swim. Swimming is not only the best way of cooling off on a hot day, it's also one of the best ways of

Inspiring pool designs for your backyard

If you're considering installing a new custom inground pool or thinking about remodeling your pool and backyard, there's no better time than now. Remodeling your outdoor space now lets you have the project finished on schedule. This will allow you to enjoy your pool throughout the summer season. If you are planning to take your

Create a backyard oasis that you’ll never want to leave

Create a backyard oasis where you can relax and cool off on those hot summer afternoons. Your outdoor space can be a stunning spot for pool parties, family dinners, and entertaining.  Turning your outdoor space into an oasis does not have to be hard. Think about some of the following choices or discuss with a

What is an Infinity Pool?

In case you’re wondering what is an infinity pool, you should know that it is a sought-after luxury that many hope to add to their property. A negative edge or disappearing edge pool, as one might call it, will give you an illusion of the horizon meeting the artificial water body. Thus, it will give

All you Need to Know about Infinity Waterfalls and Swimming Pools

Soaking in the sun while over-looking the teal blue sky in a water body while sipping a cool beverage is nothing short of paradise. It is what a perfect vacation looks like. Infinity waterfalls are one such architectural marvel that can make it seem lie the skies and water align from the comfort of your