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Questions to Ask Pool Builders Before Starting Your Project

Thinking of building a backyard pool in your Long Island backyard? Have you consulted any with any potential pool builders yet? We, at Premier Pools & Spas of Long Island are here to help you during your pool building process. It is important to that you don't sign any contracts before you research your builders.

Long Island Pool Liners: Keep Your Pool Clean While on Vacation

Long Island residents want to make sure their pool liners look amazing and that their swimming pool stays clean while on vacation. Choosing swimming pool liners that will stay clean is nearly impossible, at one point or another your swimming pool is going to need a little tender love and care. However, if you're keeping

Long Island: Building a Custom Swimming Pool

When you are researching pool building in Long Island, you may be considering a custom swimming pool. With your own custom swimming pool you have the opportunity to enjoy the water in your own backyard, which makes everything more enjoyable. In this article you can expect to learn about the essential pool benefits. Pool Building

Long Island: Tips on Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

When you want to revamp your Long Island swimming pool, a vinyl pool liner replacement might be in order. This is one of the easiest ways to make a big difference in the look of your pool. In this article, we are going to talk more about vinyl pool liner replacement and things you should

Long Island: Vinyl Replacement for Your Pool

When you are thinking about improving your Long Island home, you may have looked into a vinyl replacement for your pool. If it is old, outdated and beginning to cause your problem, this could be the perfect time to take care of things. Having vinyl replacement done on your pool will allow you to give

Long Island Pool Guide: The Perfect Summer

Your Long Island pool is almost ready for another great summer. Having a pool guide to help you make sure you are moving in the right direction is important. Pool Guide Tips for Your Summer Whether you've just gotten your pool or you've had it for a long time, it never hurts to get a

5 New Years Pool Resolutions for Your Long Island Pool

Every new year we run into the guilt of needing to make new years resolutions, but what about our pool resolutions for the new year? What are we doing to make sure our pool has a better year than the last? Your pool makes your Long Island home look amazing when it looks amazing. Maybe

Small Backyard Pools for Your Long Island Home

When you have a home in Long Island, you may not think that you can have your own pool. Small backyard pools could be just what you are looking for. Many people that have their dream of having a pool was dashed because of their small yard. These people are now having hope reignited because

3 Things to Look for In a Long Island Pool Service

When you are looking for a pool service for your Long Island residence, you need to make sure that you are picking a pool service that is going to take care of you. Just because someone says that they are pool service professionals does not mean that they are professionals. In this article, we are

Pump Maintenance for Your Long Island Swimming Pool

Long Island is a beautiful place and just like anywhere else, pump maintenance is necessary. Instead of begrudging it, it is time to just get the work done. Your pool is a beautiful investment so you want to make sure it stays in great condition. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Pump Maintenance Needs If

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