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Vacaville: Memorial Day Pool Checklist

When you are thinking about your Memorial day pool party at your Vacaville home, don’t forget your pool checklist. We know you are excited to get into your pool, but you need to make sure it is ready to go by opening it up soon enough before the party. In this article, we are going to give you a pool checklist to go through to make sure your pool party is going to be a must and not a bust. pool checklist

Pool Checklist to Follow

If you don’t have a pool checklist, it is easy to get lost in what you are supposed to do and forget one of the important tasks. If it is helpful to you, save this post on your phone and pull it up as you are getting everything together. Gather Your Supplies The things you will need as you are getting ready to open your pool are as follows: test kit, opening chemical kit, telescopic pole, pool pump cover vac, skimmer head, vacuum head, vacuum hose, pool brush, tools for checking and maintaining the pump, filter, and heater (if applicable), lubricant for o-rings, valves, and fittings. pool checklist Prepare to Remove the Cover Before you remove your cover, you need to make sure clean up around the pool is checked on your pool checklist. You should have all debris swept away from the pool as well as anything that has blown on top of the pool cover. If your pool cover is wet and has debris on it, use the pool cover pump to get the water off the cover and once it is dry you can get a blower or broom to get the debris off the top of the cover to be taken away from the pool. Remove the Pool Cover Once all the debris is off the pool cover and you’ve checked that off the pool checklist, you can now take the pool cover off of the pool. Make sure you clean it and dry it before folding it up and keeping it in a dry place. Pump Priming & Filter Prep pool checklist If your pool has been closed well, your water might be clear under the cover but many covers do not do as good of a job as people might like. If your pool water is murky and needs work done then you need to go to the pump room and get ready for cleaning. All electrical connections, fittings, o-rings, and filters should be checked first to make sure they are working properly. You should only backwash the filter if it is needed. Once you are done with those things, you need to fill the pool to the proper water line, skim, scrub and vacuum to ensure all debris has been worked up and removed. Once you are finished with that, it is time to test the water, finish inspecting and shock the pool as needed. If you need any help with your project to make sure you get your pool checklist done, make sure to give us a call.

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Vacaville: Perfect Outdoor Lighting

Putting together the perfect outdoor lighting for your Vacaville home can be a lot of fun. There are so many choices and you can create the yard that will express your personality. In this article, we are going to talk more about outdoor lighting and how to get the look and function you need.
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Outdoor Lighting for Your Backyard

As you start to look through the various options, you may start to feel overwhelmed. Don’t allow overwhelm to kick in when you are picking your lighting options because this will often cause you to rush your project. If there is a deadline to make your choices, making choices calmly will still enable you to get things done much quicker. Outdoor Lighting Function When you are choosing your outdoor lighting, you need to think about the function as well as how it is going to look. Do you plan on entertaining in your backyard during the dark hours? If you do, you may need more lighting than someone that is going to be sitting solo on their patio near the back entranceway. If you have a pool, outdoor lighting is also a safety factor. If you have guests over to your party, you do not want them falling in the pool because they aren’t able to see. LED lights in your pool can help with this issue so you make sure you don’t have any swimmers that didn’t want to go into the pool. These may be more expensive but the lighting looks and functions amazingly.
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As you are planning your outdoor lighting, you may need to ask your electrician if your plans are going to work for the current set up you have. If it is not going to, you would need to get help in this area from a professional that can fix things so you can get the function you need for your outdoor lighting. You do not want to be running extension cords to get the lighting you need for your next pool party. This could cause a dangerous environment for your party guests.

Setting up the Perfect Outdoor Lighting

Once you’ve made your decision about your outdoor lighting, you will have to have some patience to get it installed. Once it is up you are going to have your own backyard paradise. Outdoor lighting is a considerably inexpensive way to spice up your yard and make it beautiful. When you have a pool and you set the lighting in a manner to complement the pool, your backyard can rival that of top resorts. Imagine looking out your back door and forgetting you were actually home instead of at some expensive resort. Enjoy your backyard and all of the enhancements the new lighting has given you. If you have any needs for your pool and keeping things in order, make sure to contact us. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you through our years of experience and happy customers.
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Vacaville: Getting Your Backyard Ready for Your Next Pool Party

When it is Vacaville pool party time, you may need some ideas for getting your backyard ready. Having a pool party can be a lot of fun, but it can also be stressful if you aren’t sure what you are going to do. In this article, we are going to give you some pool party ideas for getting your backyard ready. pool party

Pool Party Fun Time

Feeling like you are going to be the person that throws a lame pool party? Don’t feel bad, a lot of people get stressed out when it comes down to planning a big party. Here are some ideas you can use to make sure your pool party is a hit. Put Your Budget In Place Before you start pool party planning, you need to know how much money you have to work with. If you plan an epic pool party but you don’t have the money to go through with it, you are going to be disappointed. Set your budget and stick with it. You can get all kinds of fun party supplies at discount stores if you need to go that route. pool party Set Your Theme Setting a pool party theme is a lot of fun. It gives people an idea of what to wear and what to expect when they come to your pool party. Beyond all of that, you need to remember that your pool is the centerpiece of this entire party so you need to get it ready properly.

Cleaning Your Pool for Your Pool Party

Your pool guests do not want to have a pool party in a pool that is filled with leaves and other debris. There is nothing attractive about jumping in a pool with bugs floating on the surface so make sure you take care of your pool cleaning before the party gets started. Take a skimmer to the top of the water and get any debris off the top so your pool looks as sparkling and beautiful as it is. You may even want to get an automatic cleaner so it can be working while you are doing your party planning. There are different models with pricing ranging from low to very higher and it all depends on how many features you want on your pool cleaner. pool party

Check Your Pool Lighting

Your party could run late and go into the dark so make sure you have some cool pool lighting up for your pool party. You do not want any dark corners around your pool. Not only is this a little dull but it is also dangerous when people are not able to see when they are swimming in the pool. Keeping your pool lit is beautiful and allows you to have a great time even into the night.

Get Your Pool Party On

Now you are ready to get your pool party on. If you need any help with upgrading your pool for even more pool party fun, make sure to give us a call. We can help you with add-ons for your pool, upgrades to the functions and more.

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Your New Pool Needs an Attached Spa

You’ve got your beautiful new pool in the works and you’ve been thinking about an attached spa. Do you really need one to go along with your pool? In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of having an attached spa as well as what you can expect. attached spa

Attached Spa Benefits

People have had outdoor hot tubs for years but they have been detached hot tubs, usually on the deck near the house. In years gone by, having an attached spa was something you only saw at upscale hotels and people were pretty impressed by it. Now, more and more people have attached spas put in with their pools because of the benefits that spas provide. Many high achievers in sports and success use spas to help their muscles relax after hard training. Some people also do water therapy that entails going from hot water over to the cold water to finish up their routine. The health benefits speak for themselves and there are countless pages of research talking about how spas help people with their circulation and with stress reduction. attached spa

Attached Spa – Increase the Beauty

When you have an attached spa designed to flow with your pool, you will see there are limitless options but they can all be beautifully integrated with the pool you are putting into your unique spa. There are endless shapes you can choose to use for your spa. You can include lighting, make it an overflow spa and more. If you aren’t sure about all of the options available, make sure to reach out to one of our pool and spa professionals so we can help you get the results that you want.

What Is an Attached Spa Going to Cost Me?

attached spa When you are looking at the cost of an attached spa, there is a great variance as to how much it is going to cost you in the long run. One of the rules to look at is that your attached spa is going to cost about 10-15% of whatever your pool is going to cost you. While where you live in Vacaville is going to play into the price, there is also the cost of materials, labor, etc. that is going to play into the price as well. When you are looking at the cost, you will tack more onto the price with each feature you want to add to your pool or spa. Some are going to be more expensive to install as well as more expensive to purchase but there are many options to fit just about any budget.

There is no reason to guess how much your spa is going to cost you and there is no reason to wonder about the process. We have been working with pools and spas since 1988 and can help you through the entire process. Call one of our professionals today and we can walk you through from start to finish so you can get the attached spa of your dreams.

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Why buying a swimming pool in Vacaville during the off season is a good investment

Installing a pool in your backyard is a great investment for you and your family. Once you decide to buy a pool, you might want to know how the pool will be beneficial to you in the long term. Do you want to add value to your home? You can buy a pool so that when you decide to sell your home, it will give you a return on your investment. So, what is the right time to buy a pool in Vacaville? Vacaville typically experiences very hot, and dry summers and the winters are cool and wet. The off season is the best time to install a backyard oasis in Vacaville. Contrary to popular belief, pool companies do not close their offices during winter and fall.
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Reusing your Vacaville Pool Filter Water

If you are wondering how to go about reusing your Vacaville pool filter water then you’re in the right place. When storms come and flood your pool, you may not understand how bad it is on your yard when it is washing through the soil. You may also know that it is not allowed for you to wash the water down the drain, at least that is how it is in some areas. Many areas have drain water that goes into areas that waste is not welcome and have a warning sign on them.
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Pool Filter Water Reuse Tips

#1 – One of the methods that are usually approved is to connect your pool to your house’s sanitary sewer clean-outs. You should make sure to check with your local government for how much of a flow rate and pH levels that you are allowed. #2 – You may experience a penalty for releasing untreated pool water so if you want to dispose of water you would have to make sure that the chemicals have been taken out of the water. #3 – Dry wells are another option that you will have to check with your local government about. Basically, you would need to dig a hole big enough to release a several hundred gallons of water. #4 – One of the latest things you can try using for reusing your pool filter water is a fountain pool water diffuser. You can find some that are durable and connect to your pump. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it lets water go very similar to when it is raining. Since this is the case, there is very little and sometimes even no soil erosion or damage to your property. This is an inexpensive and easy solution if you don’t want to go to the trouble of everything else we mentioned above.
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Maintaining Your Pool Filter & Pool Overall

While taking care of your pool filter and your general pool maintenance may not be one of the top things you want to think about as you are getting ready to enjoy your pool, it is something you need to think about. Keeping your pool in great shape does take some time and getting used to, but once you understand what to do, it isn’t that difficult. If you do not want to do all of the work by yourself, you can always speak with a professional that is going to help you take care of your pool filter and any other issues that you may require help with your pool. Having a pool is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself so if you don’t want to stress out about pool cleaning then hiring a professional pool service could be a great option for you. pool filter Investing in your enjoyment by getting a pool is going to enable you to have many seasons of fun as long as you take proper care of your pool. Part of that is making sure your pool filter is taken care and that your pool does not wreck your yard when you experience heavy rain.

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