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Why Building a Pool in the Winter Is the Way to Go?

Winter pool building might be one of the last things on your mind as the cooler temperatures force you to stay indoors. But winter is actually the right time to start your Vacaville pool construction. Just as you crave to stay in warmer places in the winter, come summer, you will be dreaming of chilling

Why the pH Levels in Your Swimming Pool Are So Important?

One of the most important aspects of your Vacaville pool maintenance is water chemistry. Especially, because the pool has to have properly balanced pH levels. There are many factors that contribute to an imbalance in the pH levels, but the major reason is the addition of chemicals. It could be the chlorine you put into

Brighten Your Backyard Oasis with Pool Lights

As a proud owner of a brand new pool in your Vacaville home, you might be inclined to spend as much time as possible here. That includes night swimming too, especially after a long day at work. As much as it is a pleasurable experience in itself, it is particularly enjoyable in the hot summers.

Prepping Your Swimming Pool for the Swimming Season

You are excited that the pool season is just around the corner and started looking up tips on opening a pool. May is the time of the year when most Vacaville pools open up after a long duration of winterizing. If you have closed the pool for winter, then you know that the steps you

What Is So Great About Swimming Pools?

Of all the home improvement projects people take up, installing awesome pools has to be in the top five. A pool is not just a great investment for your home, but you also get to have fun using it. Come summer, every family dreams of chilling in the cool pool water to beat the heat.

How to Make Sure Your Pool is Ready for the Summer Season?

After a long winter of your swimming pool being closed, it is finally time to open it for the summer. Most people close their pools when the temperatures get too low and the pool opening happens around May. If the temperature is constantly increasing and reaching 70, you can open your pool even before Memorial