Owning a pool is an exciting addition to your backyard. A pool is your private retreat to cool off and spend time with your family. But, you’d want to make sure that you have the best type of pool for your home. Apart from the size and design, you must spare a lot of thought to the pool material as well. Here are your choices:

How to Choose the Best Pool Material for Your Backyard Oasis 1

Concrete Pool

One of the best things about concrete is that it offers limitless options to design. Whatever is your imagination, you can design a pool of your dreams using concrete. Similar to home construction, concrete pools need a proper building process. You must make an excavation, build a foundation, and construct concrete walls to create your pool. Once completed, it is lined with ceramic, pool vinyl liner, or glass tiles.

Though concrete pools allow freedom to design, you need an expertise to work on these pools. Instead of doing it yourself, entrust this job to professionals. Remember, any mistake in building process can lead to leakages and other pool issues.

Vinyl Liner Pool

Vinyl liner pools are the most affordable option. Made from polypropylene plates, these pools are usually readymade. You can choose from various sizes and designs depending on your needs. However, you cannot custom build a vinyl liner pool. Above all, these pools are neither sleek nor flashy, unlike concrete pools. So, if you’re looking for an aesthetic addition to your backyard, vinyl liner may not fit the bill.

Fiberglass Inground Swimming Pool Prices

Fiberglass Pool

In comparison to concrete pools, fiberglass is easy to maintain. A fiberglass pool is a composite material. It consists of solid and elastic materials that make your pool smooth and durable. It works great with salt chlorine generators. Typically, a fiberglass pool is made on the site in different layers.

The surface of a fiberglass pool is non-porous and smooth. The shell of the pool takes 2-3 days to install. When compared to concrete pools, there is a huge difference in pool completion time. Apart from being attractive, fiberglass pool material is also strong and durable. The only disadvantage of this material is the lack of customizable shapes or designs.

How to Choose the Best Pool Material for Your Backyard Oasis 2

Ceramic Pool

Like fiberglass, ceramic is also a composite pool where structure is made by additional materials. This pool material is popular in parts of Europe and Australia. Now, it is making its way across the seas to America as well. The technology includes a ceramic layer and a carbon fiber mat to create a design.

Due to this composite material, the structure is durable and resistant to damages. Most importantly, ceramic pools have a high aesthetic value. You can add as much design and glitter to the top layer as you desire. Since the pool surface is smooth, it is resistant to dirt and bacteria.

These are four main options to choose the right pool material for your backyard oasis. Consider your needs, space, and budget to make the right decision. Take help from the professionals to guide you through the process of selection.

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