The shape of the pool you build for your backyard is as much important as the material you use. The shape of your swimming pool is best paired with the landscape that you surround your swimming pool with. To find the best Louisville pool shape for you, have a clear discussion with your Louisville pool builder.

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How is Shape a Crucial Aspect for Your Pool

Though most of the pool shapes you see are rectangular, they may differ in their length and width. This is due to the specific taste of the pool owners or the space limitations of their backyard. Hence, pool shape is a very crucial aspect of pool planning and design.

In order to find the right shape for your pool, you can take a look at the many designs available across the world. Gone are the days when swimming pools came in standard designs. You can now add custom designs and elegant features that appeal to you and reflect your personality. Here are some shape and styles, other than the classic rectangular pools, that can work for you:

L-shaped Pool

This shape has clean geometric lines in L-formation, which is for small backyards. The shape might not be outstanding, but it is quite practical and fulfills the basic requirements. One section is shallow and suits all swimming activities of your family. You can attach a spa or stunning waterfalls and relax in a minimalistic setting.

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Kidney Pool

Another popular pool style of Louisville pool shape, next to the rectangular or L-shaped ones, is the kidney shaped pool. It looks like a curved bowl in the middle, with two little indents on its either side.

When you need more area for the pool but have only some length to spare in your backyard, choose this shape. If you feel the straight edges of the other pool styles boring, a kidney-shaped pool is just what you need.

Freeform Pool

This shape gives you the best advantages than most others. Firstly, since it seamlessly blends into your backyard, you can save money on its build. Secondly, you can go for a more natural design and picture-perfect customizations.

A freeform pool also allows you to dig deeper into your creativity. You can also replicate the designs from your favorite holiday spots, along with the local setting. Try designs like a tropical oasis or add cave and grotto features. For this style, the sky is the only limit.

Vintage Pool

Even if the style evokes the feeling of ancient times, vintage pools are making a rapid comeback. Although you can build them into any Louisville pool shape, they are worthy of mention on this list. Experts are of the opinion that Hollywood films featuring vintage pools were the reason behind the rise of residential pools.

If you wish to have a unique and alluring pool in your backyard, build a vintage pool. It not only takes you to a bygone era but also becomes the reason of envy for your neighbors. Add charming water and fire features to set the mood completely.

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