Throwing a pool party for your kids can be so much fun; however, it will take quite a bit of extra planning to make sure the party continues without trouble. Besides the common party staples such as presents and cake, you should deal with some additional issues before filling your pool in Louisville with kids.


Have a good backup plan

If your Louisville pool party is using a backyard pool, it is best if you have a backup plan. The weather won’t always cooperate with the plans you have and hosting a pool party in the heart of a heavy downpour is hazardous for apparent reasons. Select a rain date and have it on the invitation or you can have a backup plan for entertaining indoor activities.

Reconsider your Louisville party menu

Every party does need food; however, you might want to think about changing the usual menu to something more suitable for your pool party in Louisville.

Heavy meals can result in sickness, cramps, and overeating, and will be quite an effective way of destroying the vibe of your pool party.

Rather, choose lighter meals that kids can pick when they are on empty stomach, but will not make them feel heavy or inactive. Snacks such as watermelon, popsicles, and veggie sticks are favorites during summertime when spending time in your Louisville pool.

Stock-up on supplies

Apart from all the normal party supplies, you should have some pool-specific items available for the special day. Consider your intended activities to create your list; however, remember the usual pool party basics:


  • Hula hoops
  • Extra towels in the event somebody forgets theirs
  • Pool volleyball net
  • Cooler
  • Kiddie pool (for the younger kids)
  • Sunscreen
  • Blankets for children and additional lawn chairs for supervisors
  • Beach umbrellas for creating shade
  • Beach balls

Organize engaging activities

When you’re planning your activities for the day, remember to include some outside-the-pool choices if you have kids who cannot, or do not want to swim.  There is nothing worse than heading to a pool party and getting left out of everything since you cannot get in the water. You should plan in advance and keep some fun items readily available just in case.

Louisville pool activities are also superb ways to keep all the party goers engaged and entertained. Things such as diving rings and pool volleyball are often a huge hit with kids.

Ensure there’s enough supervision?

Anything that involves kids having fun in and around the water will need the watchful eyes of adults. With more kids around, the energy of the pool party is going to be greater and it will be easier for hazardous scenarios to go undetected.

You should not allow your supervisors to be outnumbered or jam-pack the pool.  Make sure you have the right number of confirmed adults coming to the party. They will help keep everybody safe, and among them must be a person who has experience with CPR.


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