Some of The Most Craziest Rooftop Pools You’ve Ever Seen

Pools around the world, built in backyards, hotels, amusement parks, get away trips and now on rooftops! These are some of the craziest rooftop pools out in the world. With crazy views, rooftop pools are the next big thing. Everyone enjoys them and it’s the perfect spot for a vacation. 

  1. This first rooftop is located in Singapore. This rooftop pool is on top of a building 57 stories high, where you get to overlook the amazing city landscape.
  2. 76 floors up and the record for highest pool on a rooftop, is a rooftop pool located in Hong Kong. Another place where you get to view huge skyscrapers while swimming around.
  3. This rooftop pool is located at the Hotel Gansevoort in New York City, this hotel’s 45 foot long pool is heated and plays music underwater.
  4. The most spectacular rooftop pool with panoramic views in Barcelona, a heated pool for a stress free environment for their guests.
  5. Last but not least, the rooftop pool located at the joule hotel in Dallas, Texas is 8 feet above sea level and out stretches beyond the rooftop.

Other crazy swimming pool related blogs we have is the “Hidden Pool”, if you have a sense of adventure, and you’re up for a challenge you should most definitely read about the hidden pool. The adventure leads you to the Mojave Desert and is a timed event to find the famous hidden pool.

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