What is even better than a regular party is to host your Easter Sunday pool party. In other words, you can give your kids and their friends the most memorable Easter party ever. When you think of Easter, what comes to mind are the eggs, bunny, and chocolates. In addition to the great ideas you have, here are some tips to make your party a crazy big hit.

Vibrant Party Ambiance

movie night pool party

Your guests need a conducive atmosphere for the party. Give them various visual stimulants so they can really take in the fun. Any party comes alive with the right decorations in bright colors. However, that doesn’t mean that you should not use pastels. Since this is a pool party, decorate and color the Easter eggs using lots of shades of blues.

Furthermore, if your party is in the evening, add colorful LED lights to brighten the party scene. This is when a custom fire feature for your pool comes in handy. For one thing, it adds a beautiful contrast to the cool blue water in your pool.  Secondly, it brings focus to some of the important elements.

Food and Snacks

You need to provide hearty refreshments to these party goers for them to keep enjoying the show. Not to mention, your Easter Sunday pool party might keep your guests cool, but thirsty and parched. Hence, finger foods, easy-to-eat snacks, and ice creams are must-have items on this list. Deli meats, cheeses, chips, and sandwiches are also other popular Easter party foods.

For refreshing drinks for kids, you can offer them iced tea or pink lemonade. Make it more fun and let the kids decorate their glasses with cocktail umbrellas. And don’t forget the importance of decorating your food buffet with Easter-themed elements. Use waterproof and stain proof rabbit print tablecloths, that go with the theme of your party.

Pool and Deck Accessories

If your visitors want to relax by your deck, and you have comfortable furniture, it is a huge plus. Awnings, gazebos, pergolas, and umbrellas offer much-needed shade in the absence of trees near the pool.

One key thing to remember during your party is the bunny. Add fun and easy ways to incorporate this Easter decoration idea. You can put up bunnies made of cut-out cardboard, which are reusable. Similarly, use famous characters like Bugs Bunny or Peter Rabbit for your decorations. Kids love cartoons and with these, you will wow them to no end. Or make your own bunny-shaped Easter egg pool floaties with play-doh.

Fun and Games

Gunite pool benefits

Apart from the traditional pool games like Marco Polo, look online for inspiration. Instead of the normal Easter egg hunt or egg toss, make it more interesting by placing the eggs in the pool. Of course, you need to use artificial eggs and fill them with waterproof prizes. Mix and match and various entertaining games to maximize the fun. Get creative and even take suggestions from the children. Whatever you do, make sure to never leave the children unsupervised near the pool. Have lifebuoys and a first aid kit at the ready.

Great Party Souvenirs

Fictional characters make for great t-shirt ideas, like the loveable Oswald rabbit. You can even purchase keychains with Easter eggs or bunny figures. In addition, place candy in impressive wicker baskets which make for return gifts. The Easter Sunday pool party balloons you use for the décor also can double up as souvenirs. But one thing to keep in mind is that safety comes first. Hence, hire Portland pool builders to install pool safety features.

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