An inground pool is a big investment that depends on pool designs and prices. You have to make this purchase thoughtfully in order to enhance the aesthetics and value of your home. Well, this is an investment you should never take lightly. A lot of research is needed before you take a plunge and design a pool in your backyard. Here are the factors to know about pool prices in Charlotte.

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Invest in a Saltwater Pool

If you swim regularly, it is ideal to use a saltwater pool that has a lower amount of chlorine. Also, saltwater pools need less maintenance. In these pools, the water is soft and it does not harm the skin. Most of the people prefer saltwater pool because they need less maintenance and fewer chemicals to keep running. They are less costly to operate due to these reasons. However, salt can be corrosive for some type of stone decks and stainless steel components in the pool. You can use different materials or wash them regularly to avoid such issues.

What Determines the Cost of a Pool?

If you are looking to install a saltwater pool, there are many factors that can affect its costs over time. These pools have a salt chlorine generator that changes salt into chlorine. Any pool can convert to saltwater, whether you have the above-ground or inground pool. The basics of construction are the same for all pool types. The difference typically lies in the materials and equipment used for the pool. Apart from this factor, other things that determine pool designs and costs are:

Pool Equipment

At the time of installation, the pool companies add 200 pounds of salt to the water. The salt chlorine generator converts it into chlorine for filtering the pool water. A generator may cost anywhere between $500 and $2500 depending on the pool size.

Pool Material

The material of a swimming pool is one of the biggest contributing factors to its costs. Saltwater pool can be made from a variety of materials that include vinyl, concrete, and fiberglass. Each of these materials has its own pros, cons, and costs. You should compare them all with your expectations to make the right choices.

On average, fiberglass pools have lower costs of around $35000 for a 25-feet pool. After the addition of accessories, the total cost may be up to $45000 to $85000. The vinyl liner is the cheapest option that costs not more than $65000 even when you hire a professional. By far, concrete is the costliest option where costs can go from $50000 to $100,000. When making a decision, do not entirely rely on cost factor because there are things like durability, maintenance, and value to the money that also matter.

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Costs of Improvements and Enhancements

After the installation of the pool, you can add several improvements and enhancements to the construction. There are systems like self-cleaning equipment, pool filters, and pool heaters to make swimming comfortable for you. Aesthetic features like waterfalls, lighting, fountain bubblers, and grottos can cost from $500 to $10000 depending on the selected features.

These are some important aspects that affect the cost of building a swimming pool in Charlotte. Consider them when determining pool designs and costs for your home.