custom design pools houstonThere are plenty of options available when it comes to classic swimming pools, but considering that there are approximately 10.4 residential pools in the U.S. today, why settle for something that every other house has?

Custom designed pools are becoming more affordable and easier to design than ever before, and while you can expect to pay anywhere between $20,000 to $50,000 for an inground pool, you’ll be increasing your home’s value by around 8% — plus you’ll be able to enjoy the pool yourself! When you choose to install a pool in your backyard, there are plenty of unique features to choose from:

  • Freeform swimming pools: These inground pools instantly make any backyard look like a tropical resort. They’re great options for homeowners who have small or rocky backyards because they’re designed specifically for each yard and they often feature stone decking and rock edges to make the lagoon-style pool look natural and cozy.
  • Spools: Small pools! These are great for homeowners who have even less room to work with or who want a skinny, single-lane pool for exercise purposes. Spools can also be custom designed to function as spas during the colder months, and they’re great options for anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of cleaning and maintaining a full-size swimming pool.
  • Waterfalls and grottos: These features look great on a custom designed pool (especially a freeform lagoon design!) and they add soothing sounds, perfect for anyone who wants to use their pool primarily for relaxing. These can be designed specifically to fit your pool and yard, and they can look ultra-modern or completely natural.
  • Pool lighting: There’s nothing more fun than taking a swim at night with the underwater lights on! You can choose from a variety of light colors (or just classic white light) and they add some warmth to your yard and patio even when you aren’t swimming.
  • Infinity pools: Infinity pools are seriously cool and they’re still so unique that homeowners often don’t even consider these custom designed pools! Installing an infinity pool is a great way to bring that fancy hotel-feel right into your backyard, and these are great accents if you’ve already got an amazing view because they melt right into the skyline.


When it comes to custom designed pools, anything you can imagine is possible to create!

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