There are lots of benefits to having swim spa pools in Maine. They are about a lot more than simply a tub of warm water. These sophisticated systems use the benefits of both a pool and a spa, all in one! Not forgetting the size that will fit almost any outdoor space. The days are long gone of not having adequate space for a pool. Swim spa pools are about the size of nearly two hot tubs. This makes them easily adaptable to a range of homes. Read on to know more about the benefits of having swim spa pools.

swim spa pools

Swim spa pools for your health

Swim spa pools provide all the benefits of therapy and health fitness in the convenience of your outdoor space in Maine. The water’s healing nature is not restricted to any physical condition or age group of an individual.

A pool water workout is a full body therapy, which improves the health of a person throughout the body. Weight management, strength training, and cardio fitness are simply some of the benefits. Doing water aerobics will provide you with challenges and effective results relieving pain on joints and muscles, reducing stiffness, improving peripheral circulation improvement, and increasing mobility.


Do you want a pool, but don’t have space? Swim spa pools are a good size for a compact space. Having all the advantages of a normal pool and more, swim spa pools can conveniently squeeze into smaller areas. You’ll also find an array of choices when it comes to the shape! The small nature of a swim spa allows for hassle-free installation as well!

swim spa pools

Backyard recreation:

Swim spa pools are perfect for more than simply workout. These also offer a good environment for the whole household to enjoy quality moments. Swimmers will be able to use the area within the fitness area for fun activities or take a seat in the ergonomic seating and delight in the pressure from the jets.

The jet current even offers an opportunity for swimmers to know how to swim, or perhaps advance their swimming expertise. This will provide parents with peace of mind, as small kids are in a restricted environment while they advance their swimming skills.


With swim spa pools, owners are generally getting a pool, water gym, and hot tub all in one space-saving unit. This means that pool owners can enjoy the advantages of these three functions all year round. Based on the design, most swim spas have added jets made for therapy and relaxation.

Swimmers can workout in the swim part of the unit after which they can switch over to the jets and spa for muscle relaxation and warmth. Speaking of workout, swimmers will be able to regulate the current to imitate swimming laps in a normal pool, which is a low-impact workout. This is very effective while being easy on your body.

swim spa pools

Swim Spa Pools – Conclusion

Homeowners in Maine who own a swim spa feel they’re the best blend of function and fun. Swim spa pools are a great economical investment for any Maine home and perfect for anybody with limited space. A swim spa also benefits anyone who wants relaxation or quality workout. You can use it every season as colder conditions are no problem due to their many heating choices. Now is the best time for you to get a swim spa for your property. Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Lewiston Maine today!

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