One great way to relax on a hot summer noon is soaking nicely in bubbling, warm water of a fiberglass spa pool. The invigorating spurts of spa and soothing warm water combat stress, ease joint aches, boost circulation, and reduce stiffness within muscles. Even an hour in a spa is a well-deserved break, which no one would want to miss.

But all these great things may get away when you have to travel long to get into that spa. So, why not add a spa to your existing swimming pool. Here’s a look at what cost it entails to install a spa with your pool along with some options.

Installing a Fiberglass Spa Poolpool landscaping design

Commonly, the fiberglass spa pool is positioned adjacent to the pool, enabling the pool and spa water to blend together. It requires incorporating a performed fiberglass shell connecting to the pool.

Such a spa can link into the plumbing system of pool and have common heater, filter, and pump. Hence, there is no requirement for separate testing. The spa can be added in the same sort of construction as done with pool installation.

A part of the pool deck or patio is dug to prepare a hole for the shell. You have to bear the cost of installation and the spa shell.

Installing a Stand-Alone Spa

It is the simplest and affordable solution to add a spa to your pool. A standalone spa can be installed using standard fiberglass and wooden skirt. This spa has its own electric and pump system.

It can be a great choice to install a detached spa. This way, you can install the spa in a more secluded space of your backyard. You can get a standalone or detached spa installed closer to your patio or simply outside your bedroom.

It is a budget-friendly choice that will require its own filtration and pump equipment. However, you have to separately check the spa water daily. At the same time, you have to separately test the quality of your pool water. The price of installing a standalone fiberglass spa pool depends on the model you select.

Installing a Gunite Spa Pool

Building a Gunite Swimming Pool

Frankly, this is a great option when you have enough money to spend. A spa can be added to an existing gunite pool at higher prices as compared to other spa and pool combinations.

The price is quite high even if you install a 10 x 10-foot spa. It is because the construction techniques of installing gunite spa pool are more intricate than vinyl spa pool.

The Best Time to Add a Spa to Your Pool

Why Your Palm Desert Pool Needs a Modern Pool Remodeling

If you don’t have a pool yet, you must consider installing a pool and spa together. This way, you can get both things installed at one time as well as save many bucks. Alternatively, if you already have a pool, you must get it remodeled and a spa installed right now so that you can start enjoying it soon.

Only the best and professional pool contractors can help you decide the finest way to add a spa and customize it to your specific requirements and site.

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