viking_30So you’ve built (or decided to build) a beautiful fiberglass pool! Woohoo! Fiberglass pools have many benefits:

  • You can have your new pool soon since the fiberglass pool shell you choose will be shipped from the manufacturer
  • A fiberglass pool will last for a considerably long time
  • Lower maintenance compared to vinyl and concrete

It’s no reason fiberglass pools are becoming more and more popular!

Caring for your fiberglass pool.

Fiberglass pools are non-porous, which means they tend to hold more algae. This means they do need a little more maintenance than gunite or vinyl. Here are some tips to keep your fiberglass pool clean and beautiful for years to come:

Keep it clean.

If you have mature trees in your yard, debris like leaves and bugs will gather in your pool. If left unattended, your pool will lose its attractiveness, but most importantly, will create unhygienic water. Keep a cleaning schedule up.

Use the right products.

Fiberglass PoolAvoid harsh cleansers in your fiberglass pool, and don’t use brushes with hard bristles. Make sure the chemicals you use are safe for fiberglass.


Stains can happen if you have excessive metal levels. You can tell which metal by the color of the stains: reddish-brown stains are caused by excessive iron, blue-green stains are caused by excessive copper, and gray stains are from excessive magnesium.

Run your pool filter.

Allow your filter to run for 6-8 hours a day to keep the chemicals circulating.

Keep those chemicals balanced.

Check water daily. Ideally, the pH level should fall between 7.2 and 7.6. Alkalinity should range between 100 and 150 parts per million and chlorine level should be at 3.0 per million. When needed, add the chemicals to balance.

Most pools seem the same. Why do costs vary you may ask?

viking_04 There are many factors that determine the price of a pool. How big is the pool? What extras and custom features are added? The price of a pool is also determined by:

  • Quality of materials and craftsmanship
  • Soil conditions and the presence of water or rock
  • Warranties provided by the pool builder

Premier Pools offers the highest quality of work and has the best warranty of any builder in the industry. However, our pricing does not reflect it.

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