Ways to Find Financing for Your Pool

There aren’t many people out in the world that can pay for a pool from the money in their pocket, but lucky for you pool companies, like Premier Pools and Spas, offer financing options that you can take advantage of. Some things you’ll need to know and make plans for is your pool cost and how you want to pay for it. A common mistake made is people go into buying a pool thinking it’s an investment, while it does increase your home’s value, it doesn’t pay for itself.

When  looking into loans for your inground pool, there are things to watch out for and to know what to take advantage of. Pool companies often will have deals with banks that offer loans out. Finding out what kind of loan they use is a good lead at finding which one you should choose. There’s no one answer as to which is the best to finance your pool, it is all based on your finances and how much your pool project will be.

Financing Options

modesto-swimming-pool-constructionFinding different ways to finance your pool may be on the chaotic side, but to make things simpler categorize topics of what you might be looking for.

Personal Loan:
One of the simplest options, but it’s based on your creditworthiness. It would harder to be accepted for a loan with poor credit.

Home Equity-based Financing:
Putting together both home equity loans and second mortgages. These give you the option for equity lines of credit in your home. The rate is lower than an unsecured loan and it’s harder to qualify if you haven’t lived in your home as long.

Credit Card:
With high interest rates paying for your swimming pool with a credit card isn’t the best option, it isn’t easy to pay off that kind of balance short term.

Apply Online:
We offer some of the easiest financing terms in the industry. Apply for Preferred Financing today via our website.
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Pool Costs

Inground pool costs vary by what you’re interested in. Pool costs tend to be among the higher of thousands especially with a new pool owner, rather than just renovation. Make you have a little wiggle room in your budget because sometimes people forget a pool has to be maintained. Remember the cost for construction and installation, along with add-on features you might want. Even after the process, with maintenance, chemicals and filtration.

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