Wet Edge Technologies’ Prism Matrix Indigo Blue is one of the best things to happen to pools. The team at Premier Pools and Spas San Diego is so excited with the newest addition to our portfolio of pool technologies. As one of Wet Edge’s duly licensed installers in the region, you can now have this stunning pool finish for your dream pool.

Prism Matrix Indigo Blue is the cutting-edge in pool finishes, providing the ideal mix of beauty, durability, longevity and style. There’s nothing like Prism Matrix, and you’ll see this for yourself. Check out the video below. It’s absolutely amazing!

Are you dreaming of an oasis in your backyard? This is it!

And don’t let its looks fool you. One of the things we love with Wet Edge Technologies is that all its products are top of the line. With its Pebble Edge technology, Wet Edge’s pool finishes are durable, tough and long lasting. Building a pool is an investment. Through Wet Edge Technologies and Premier Pools and Spas San Diego, it becomes truly worth it.

Prism Matrix Indigo Blue strikes a balance between nature and man-made. Its aggregate is made up of a mix of large and small pebbles, and aqua, ocean, turquoise glass beads and ocean shells, which are then made smooth to achieve the perfect finish. This is done only through special installation by an accredited pool builder.

See that soothing sparkle that your pool makes during idyllic afternoons at home? That’s Prism Matrix Indigo Blue.

Talk to Premier Pools and Spas San Diego today about building your dream pool. Our team is made up of some of the region’s best pool builders. All our projects are fine examples of superior workmanship and expertise. Do you love the Prism Matrix Indigo Blue pool finish and want it for your own pool? Get it done right! Talk to us today!