Hot water bathing has long been a custom in most civilizations since Roman times. However, most people do not realize that nowadays tubs and spas offer important health benefits. Let us explore how having a spa built in your backyard can be beneficial to your health:

1. Knee pain relief

A study done recently has shown that patients who had gone through knee replacement surgery discovered that not only did they suffer less pain, but their recuperation time was quicker compared to for non-soakers. Their range of movement improved considerably quicker and they used less pain medication compared to the non-soakers.


2. Better sleep

Most people today suffer from mild to chronic insomnia and others the sleep ailments. The study has shown that soaking in a hot tub before going to sleep can help insomniacs attain a deeper, more soothing sleep. Soaking in 102-degree water 2 to 3 hours before going to sleep will soothe you and re-set your body thermostat, which makes it easier for you to fall into deep sleep.

3. Improve your game

Improving your game is an easy thing when you soak after playing. You will avoid muscle discomfort the next day. You will also have increased blood flow, which gets rid of lactic acid, which is what brings about build up of fatigue and soreness through a rigorous game.


4. Back pain

Have you ever asked yourself why hot tubs soothe your muscles? Even ancient Romans and Greeks understood the soothing and healing benefits of a spa. The word spa, is from the Latin phrase, “salus per aquam,” meaning “health from water.” The soothing originates from:

  1. Heat
  2. Buoyancy
  3. Hydrotherapy

The external use of water for the treatment of particular diseases and conditions is called hydrotherapy.  It is a natural therapy, which has been used for centuries and continues to be an essential treatment method in medical facilities nowadays.

Hot tub hydrotherapy is a similar thing, only it works by using your hot tub as the external water source to help you do it at home. You receive all the health benefits, which come with the hydrotherapy together with the added comfort of being in your own hot tub.

Ensure your hot tub is at least 95 °F, so as to see the best benefits from the therapy.


5. Stress relief

There is no better way to invigorate the body’s natural endorphin release than using a hot tub. The heat speeds up blood circulation and the therapeutic massage relieves muscle aches. Stress is bad for both body and mind. The resulting fatigue, headaches, muscle tension and soreness, which can continue over time can result in serious health issues. Not only does a spa’s buoyancy relieve pressure on muscles and joints, the natural relaxation and the mood elevation response is a priceless solution to improve health.

6. Soothing relief for arthritis ache

For anybody that is suffering from arthritis, soaking in your Hot spa can help relieve your pain. Joint swelling from arthritis leads to stiffness, inflammation, and pain, usually leading to the loss of joint movement. Immersion in warm water generates hydrostatic pressure on the body, which leads to decreased joint swelling and greater mobility. Spas provide you with the soothing warm water and buoyancy required to release stress and improve your quality of life.

The usage of hot water or heat is recommended for most people with arthritis, but not all. Always seek advice from your doctor.

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