leaking pool bucket testDo you suspect a pool leak? If water seems to be disappearing from your swimming pool, you can easily test for a pool leak using the bucket test.

Your pool may experience a larger amount of evaporation if it has a vanishing edge or has a large water feature. Pool water evaporation increases with the number of water features on your pool, as well as the frequency of operation of your water features. Also, the pool may require more water during times of heavy use.

Normal evaporation during the summer months is typically less than ½” per day. Anything more than ½” per day may indicate a pool leak.

We recommend that you perform a bucket test if you think you are experiencing a pool leak.


  1. Turn off the auto-fill if you have one.
  2. Place a white plastic bucket on the 1st or 2nd step of the pool entry.
  3. Mark the side of the bucket with a sharpie as close to the water as possible without touching the water.
  4. Remove bucket and fill with water from a garden hose to the mark on the side of the bucket.
  5. Put the bucket back on the same step in the pool (now both water inside and outside bucket should be the same).
  6. Turn the pump off and leave it off for 24 hrs.
  7. Measure from the line on the outside of the bucket to the water level in the pool.
  8. Measure from the mark to the water line on the side of the bucket.
  9. Record measurements.
  10. Perform the same test while the pump is running for 24hrs.

If the measurements are the same or similar, then you are not experiencing a pool leak. If the measurement on the outside of the bucket is greater than the measurement inside the bucket, then it is possible there is a pool leak.

The video below demonstrates how to do a bucket test:

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