Hot Pool!Can’t stand the Heat, Get out of the…Pool?!

As summer sizzles and temperatures rise, it isn’t uncommon for swimming pool owners with solar heating options on their pools to have this very strange complaint. Their pools are too warm! With energy conservation and cost savings on everyone’s minds, solar heating has becoming an increasingly popular option. In warmer climates, solar heating may sometimes raise the pool water temperature too high and change a refreshing plunge to a quasi hot tub experience. This creates a problem that few people expect – how to cool their pool down! There are plenty of options for heating swimming pools available on the market but what if you want to cool your already balmy water?

First, let’s examine what it is that causes heat loss in your pool. Most people are unaware that evaporation is the leading cause of pool water heat loss. Thus, encouraging evaporation will cool your pool water more easily than other options.

If your pool has a water feature like a waterfall, bubblers, or deck jets you should turn them on. The movement of the water will encourage the hot water to evaporate, cool the remaining pool water and drop the overall temperature.

Another alternative for cooling your pool water is a pool fountain that runs off the swimming pool return line. This is an inexpensive option for those pool owners who don’t already have water features built into their pool.

The last option is a reversible heat pump. You heard it here first. They actually make a swimming pool heater that also can cool your pool. It works much like your air conditioning unit at home but can cool uncomfortably warm water to a pleasant temperature. It is, by far, the most expensive option but for those wishing to enjoy their pool in the sweltering months ahead, it is well worth the price.

Stay Cool!