A new year brings latest trends for landscape design, interior design, and, of course, pool design. Designing and planning a swimming pool has never been more thrilling since we have surely made great strides from the generic rectangular pool. Over time, swimming pool building and renovating, new pool trends have become more customized and more unique to fit each homeowner’s needs.

pool trends

Forget the old days of rectangular cookie-cutter pools. Nowadays, it is possible to build the pool that you have always wished for.

Professionals at Premier Pool & Spas have created a list of pool trends, which we believe will dominate 2017:

Smaller pools

With most backyards reducing in size, it is no longer a requirement to have a large backyard to accommodate a pool. Some of the most modern swimming pools for these backyards are swim spas, smaller plunge pools, “spools” (pool/spa hybrids) and other compact designs. These are excellent space savers, particularly if you would like to use your backyard for other outdoor activities. They are usually inexpensive to install and maintain.

pool trends

Pool lighting

Modern lighting choices have totally transformed the face of outdoor entertainment. From landscape lighting to colored pool lights that dance to music, nothing is impossible. The newest generation of LED lights boasts RGBW technology, illuminating your swimming pool with pure white, green, red and blue for a breathtaking color palette. LED bubbler fountains in a tanning ledge make a fantastic addition to add sizzle to your swimming pool.

Tanning ledges

These are shallow ledges along the pool edge. They are just a few inches deep so they are good for both younger kids who need a shallow space for safety and adults seeking to tan but stay cool in the water.

Pool automation

Today’s customers want automation and control with their electronic gadgets. You can now turn on your pool or spa and maintain the temperature in either with an iAqualink control system. Automation allows you to use the latest innovation to access the needs of your spa and pool.

pool trends

Vanishing edge pools

These are also called negative edge or infinity edge pools. The edge is made by shortening the swimming pool wall on one side and permitting water to spill into a catch basin below. Vanishing Edge Pools are great if you have a view in your yard. If you want luxury, vanishing edge pools are the best option.


Darker colored pool surfaces

The conventional light blue color of pools is beginning to get some stiff rivalry from darker colors. Besides looking terrific, a bonus with dark shades is that they retain a lot of heat from the sun, this makes it less expensive to keep your pool warm.


These are just some of the hottest pool trends for 2017, so if you are planning to upgrade your backyard swimming pool with the hottest pool trends or perhaps you would like to install the most up-to-date pool on the market, think about these features.

At Premier Pools and Spas, we can custom build any of these features right into your swimming pool. Contact us today to see how we can bring the hottest pool trends to your backyard.

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