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In a city like Houston that enjoys anything from warm spring-like weather to just downright hot, a swimming pool is the perfect addition for your backyard.  If you believe that installing an inground pool sounds too costly or too luxurious, you should really check our our financing options or better yet, get a FREE estimate from us! Trust us, the amount of relaxation and entertainment that comes from your family’s very own, private pool achieved by have such an addition to your backyard vastly outweighs the cost.  From hosting pool parties and playing fun water games to simply lounging by the pool, owning a swimming pool allows for a more enviable outdoor lifestyle in convenience of your backyard. Just take a look at this spacious swimming pool Premier Pools & Spa of Houston designed and installed for the Unruh family.


This swimming pool is elegance at its simplest form. The idea for this family was to create a spacious custom pool that offers plenty of room for recreational swimming and water games but also complement the surrounding environment and style of their home. To provide optimum convenience and comfort for family gatherings, our team included a removable table that goes in the circular area of the pool. The table can be installed easily and is a great addition to the swimming pool tanning ledge. It’s perfect for playing water board games or for storing beverages and snacks within reach. And for those days when there is a “no eating or drinking in the swimming pool” rule, the kids can retreat with their snacks to the shaded patio umbrellas by the pool.  

Custom Houston Spillways


It features a unique set of spillway water bowls is capable of flowing softly into the pool  to creating an instant waterfall effect. These spillways were custom designed by our Houston team to accentuate the pool and complement the simplicity of the surroundings with sheer perfection. The spillway water feature on the back of the swimming pool was powered by bubblers to add a lively and somewhat whimsical flair. It’s quite the view if you ask us!


Installing a swimming pool can be a wonderful experience if you choose the right builder. Premier Pools & Spa of Houston would like to thank the Unruh family for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to design this swimming pool, and we’re happy they’re pleased with the results. At Premier Pools and Spas, we’re all about superior workmanship, and high quality materials and features. We offer fully-customizable swimming pool plans for geometric and freeform pool designs. What differentiates us from other swimming pool builders is that we build unique and custom designed pools to fit your backyard space and your lifestyle, we are not cookie-cutter swimming pool builders. Our expert team of Houston Pool Builders can customize your pool to your liking. Install tile, rock and concrete features. Add waterfalls, slides, water jets, mosaic accents, and mood lighting.

We will always work within your budget, and can even offer financing options. Our swimming pool builders guarantee your satisfaction, every step of the way! Contact us for a complimentary evaluation of your remodel or new swimming pool project and don’t forget to check out our Houston Pool Photo Galleries.

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