As the largest city in the South, it’s no surprise that Phoenix is undoubtedly a great place to live. Houston features first-rate services, friendly people, and some of the best real estate in the country. Although living in Phoenix does have its merits, the summer heat in the city can be a bother at times. While some residents will opt to simply stay inside their air conditioned homes, the more adventurous ones will often find better ways to beat the heat. Lounging on your very own swimming pool is not just an ideal way to stay cool, it is also a great way to have fun and also relive stress.


While many Phoenix residents are limited to what they can do about the design of their houses (no fairytale fortresses or towering towers), your backyard can exist to be a blank canvas of sorts. In your backyard you can create your own personal woodland forest; a beautiful glistening oasis; or your own private resort. With your very own swimming pool and the perfect combination of flora, water features, stonework, more, you can transform your dull backyard into the backyard of your dreams. All it takes is a little dedication, some imagination, and a professional swimming pool builder.

Trees, Flowers, And Shrubs

Unless your backyard in Phoenix is just a barren patch of dirt or it has been completely paved over, then you should have a few flowers or a tree or two. However, when it comes to building a swimming pools adding the right trees, flowers, and shrubs is an important part of the process. Landscaping cannot be overlooked, it is the garnish that should enhance the beauty of your swimming pool. Trees and tall shrubs can even helping you to create your private resort by acting as natural barriers that hide you and your swimming pool from view.


Water Features

A swimming pool can be stunning on its own; however, supplementing it with additional water features can enhance its beauty. Simple stone waterfalls and fountains can make your swimming pool feel more alive by acting as a constant source of flowing water. The sight and sounds created by flowing water from a fountain or waterfall can help to create a private backyard oasis, especially when paired with the perfect trees and flowers.


While this feature of your backyard pool area might seem unremarkable at first glance, it is actually extremely important to the overall aesthetic of your swimming pool and its surroundings. The tiles, pavers, and stones that you use in and around your backyard should always complement your swimming pool not work against it. A common mistake that many homeowners in Phoenix make is using stonework that “fights against” their pool. Ideally your stonework should draw the viewer’s eyes towards your swimming pool not away from it.


Ready For Your Very own Dream Backyard In Phoenix?

At Premier Pools & Spas we know that your swimming pool is only as lovely as the backyard that is crafted around it. So why not let us build the backyard of your dreams today!

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