Are you thinking about getting a swimming pool in Houston, and wondering how long it will take before you can leap in and enjoy the water?

Well, here’s a breakdown of what needs to be considered when getting a pool built and how these affect the build time.

Weather: There’s a good time for everything. Unfortunately, many think about getting a swimming pool in Houston during summer, when they can feel the heat. This is the peak time for pool builders and it can mean delays in getting yours built.

The ideal time is autumn/winter. There are less projects scheduled so you can expect minimal delays. And, more or less, weather is more predictable even when you can expect a few weather-related disruptions here and there.

Location: The state of your backyard may cause delays in pool construction too. If your pool builder has easy access to the place and there’s less clearing necessary, you can expect to enjoy your swimming pool inn Houston sooner.

Design and Features: The more complex your pool design is, the more features you have, the longer it takes to get it done. Of course, you won’t want your pool builder to take short cuts anyway. Superior craftsmanship shouldn’t be rushed. A great pool builder like Premier Pools and Spas Houston will work their 100% to get you the best quality pool features and fixtures.

Permits: Your swimming pool in Houston is also subject to permits and how long their processing takes. You and your pool contractor need to look at the Minimum Standards for Residential Pool/Spa Plan Submission. Plans must be taken to the Code Enforcement Office for approval, and permit fees need to be paid.

Swimming Pool in Houston Builder: Finally, it boils down to how professional your pool builder is. Typically, a pool should take about 60 days to build. Add to this schedule if there are weather disturbances or you’ve requested for extra pool features. In any case, your contractor should always keep you posted about your pool construction project.