If you are considering having a new swimming pool installation Louisville, you are most likely wondering how long pool construction actually takes. Well, that will depend on several factors, which include whether you want a concrete pool or a fiberglass pool.

Swimming Pool Installation Louisville

The entire pool building process includes much more than the actual building. There is the time it takes for the best premier Pools, Louisville pool builder to show up and evaluate your property. They will discuss with you on what exactly you are looking for that is within your budget. The professionals also  take measurements and sketch out a design plan. As soon as you have reviewed the plans and consented to a plan of action, the next step is bringing in the equipment and getting you on the schedule.

The best Premier Pools, Louisville pool builders have all the required supplies, permits, and your go ahead to get started with your swimming pool installation Louisville. At times, acquiring the permit can result in a delay, based on your project’s specifics and your state.

Inspections and permits

Before starting the process of swimming pool installation Louisville, you need to secure all the permits. The time it takes to acquire the permits will depend on the workload of the local construction authorities and where you live. However, you should be ready to wait at least a couple of weeks for all the documents to be in order. Inspections are probably essential during the process of constructing your pool as well. So be ready for delays whilst you wait for the inspections.

Swimming Pool Installation Louisville


A professional builder with the right equipment can dig the hole for a standard swimming pool. Excavating a swimming pool in an area with rocky soil or for a hole bigger than the average swimming pool might need a couple of more days. Digging in areas where there’s limited access might take more time, too. Take into account, also, that rough weather might slow down excavation. So digging the swimming pool during the rainy season might take a longer time.


Installing a standard swimming pool will involve installing bracing and wall panels. Also, pouring concrete, installing electrical and plumbing parts and installing the vinyl swimming pool liner. The Pool building process, from starting to finish, will usually take between 2 – 5 weeks. Unusually complex or big tasks can take a bit longer.

All aspects of the process are susceptible to interruption. This can be due to unforeseen hindrances and weather. So expect to have a time-frame closer to 5 weeks if the weather is especially troublesome during the swimming pool installation Louisville.

Post-installation tasks

After the installation of the pool, several additional undertakings can push the date of completion much further. Site landscaping, perimeter fence installation and pool deck installation can all add to your project’s entire duration.  Furthermore, based on the intricacy and scale of the construction and landscaping, it might be days or weeks after the installation of the pool before all the finishing touches are put on your site.

Swimming Pool Installation Louisville

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